The Catford Lectures

Monthly Bible Teaching
Wildfell Hall, Catford, London SE6 4HU

The Catford Lectures - which have been running for well over 50 years now (see "50 Years of Faithful Witness" statement) - offer Bible teaching on a whole range of topics, covering prophecy, church truth, Christian living, etc. Above all, they want to provide Christ centred and Biblical teaching for the edification of all those who are able to attend, all are welcome.

The Catford Lectures are held six times a year, typically on the first Saturday of the month, from November to April.

There is a lecture at 4 pm, followed by tea and refreshments at 5 pm, and a lecture at 6 pm.

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Wildfell Hall, Wildfell Road , Catford, London SE6 4HU - UK‚Äč

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Statement issued in 2005 (but Catford Lectures still running today):


The Catford Lectures

1955 - 2005


Note: The Catford Lectures are still continuing and will continue to run, God willing, ... 'till he come'


50 YEARS OF FAITHFUL WITNESS to God have passed: This year will, DV, celebrate the 50th year of the Catford Lectures, the first of which in the new series will take place on Saturday 5th November 2005 and continue on the first each winter month until April 2006.


Great crowds at Wildfell Hall ca. 1965

taken from ‘The Midnight Cry’ by Dr F.A. Tatford



These meetings were inaugurated primarily by Mr. John Weston, jr. whose father, also John Weston was a well-known evangelist during the pre- and post-war years. Both father and son were members of the assembly of Christians who met at Wildfell Hall in Catford, South East London and in the early 1950s both had become increasingly concerned that the attendance at monthly meetings held in Wildfell Hall for the exposition of the Word of God was declining. Realising the great importance that Christians should be taught the truths of the Scriptures – for that was surely the food of the soul – the church decided that the Saturday meetings should take on a new form. Henceforth they would be held every first Saturday in the month and consist simply of two meetings, one in the afternoon and the other in the evening at each of which a servant of the Lord endowed with the gift of teaching would be invited to minister the Word. Tea would be served during the interval between the meetings. Publicity was given to this change and the response was immediate: the hall soon being filled with interested hearers coming from all the counties surrounding London and many from even farther afield.

Besides many from surrounding assemblies, Christians from a whole range of evangelical denominations came; and still come to hear the ministry of the Word. The speakers too were drawn from countries around the world, the British Isles , the Continent, USA , Australia and New Zealand, speaking on a wide variety of subjects including

  • fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith
  • the Christian’s walk
  • Christian worship
  • assembly principles, and
  • prophecy.

This policy is still faithfully pursued and all who attend can be assured that what they hear will be firmly based on Holy Writ. God has sustained this testimony and we pause to testify to His grace and goodness. The brethren responsible for the Lectures look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones in the forthcoming series.

A well-stocked bookstall of select literature is provided at the Catford Lectures by Hold Fast Bible and Tract Deopt, 41 York Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.


Wildfell Hall

Wildfell Road

Rushey Green

Catford, London SE6

A Catford Lecture in progress 2005


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