The World to Come

William Henry Westcott

Moses was naturally trained for man's world, but had to learn that natural eloquence, force, and decision of character, position, and influence had to be ruled out and unlearnt, that he might be the man of God he afterwards became.

The forty years of man's erudition in Egypt had to be unlearnt in the forty years at the back of the wilderness in the land of Midian. So the powers of the world to come displaced the powers of the world in which he moved, and in utter dependence upon God alone he was used for his mighty service

I should think this will be one of our hardest lessons to learn. That our offspring should be famous in the world to come we are quite ready to hope; but that they should come to renounce power, pleasure, and position here because of the displacing power of the world to come (and I may say, of the reproach of Christ and the affliction of the people of God) is a severe test to which we more slowly rise.

Hebrews 11 illustrated the influence of the world to come on the present life of men and women like ourselves.


Scripture Truth 1923