Miscellaneous Writings

Part 5

J. T. Mawson

Miscellaneous Writings

The Abounding Grace of God


Did you ever study the latter half of Romans 5? If so I am sure you found it to be one of those parts of Paul's writings that Peter said were hard to understand. That certainly was my experience until I discovered three priceless gems in it, and the discovery was to me like that of a man who suddenly comes upon diamonds in a rocky field. Verse 15 speaks of the grace of God , verse 17 the abundance of grace , verse 20 the much more abounding of grace . I called these three gems the positive, comparative and superlative of the grace of God, and what had been to me a barren part of the Word became beautiful in the light of them. I don't know exactly why, but Noah of the ancient ark, came at once to my mind, and I was delighted to find that he fitted into the picture most naturally. The first time the word grace occurs in the Bible it is bound up with Noah

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