Shine Forth, O Lord!

J. T. Mawson

Shine forth, O Lord, Thou bright and morning Star!

Come, quickly come! Thy people waiting are,

To see Thy light dispel the deepening gloom,

Waiting the power that vanquishes the tomb.


Shine forth, O Lord, and drive away our fears,

Fulfil our hopes, and give us joy for tears;

Shout, shout the word that bids Thy dead arise,

And calls Thy saints to meet Thee in the skies.


Shine forth, O Lord, come soon for Thy redeemed,

For those on whom Thy tender love has beamed;

Thy pilgrim saints oft weary in the way

Cry out for Thee—Star of the coming day!


Shine forth, O Lord, by sorrow oft baptized,

We quit the world, and all things by it prized,

Shake ourselves free from every earthly care,

And onward press to meet Thee in the air.


Shine forth, O Lord, and claim Thy blood-bought bride,

Put forth Thy power and raise her to Thy side.

We wait the hour when our glad shout shall be

That death is swallowed up in victory.


Shine forth, O Lord, and bring to pass the day

When every clime shall own Thy rightful sway,

When all mankind before Thy throne shall fall,

And heaven and earth shall crown Thee Lord of all.