The Lord’s Table

From: 400 Questions and Answers WITH REFERENCES TO OVER 1200 Passages of Scripture COMPILED FROM “HELP and FOOD”

H. B. Coder

The Lord's Table

Ques.—What is the Lord’s table? Is it where any truly and with brokenness remember the Lord, or does it exist only where saints are gathered to the Lord’s name according to His Word?

Ans.—The Lord’s table is the opposite of the “table of devils” (see 1 Cor.10:20,21). Saints of God may be thoroughly unintelligent as to the scriptural ground of gathering, and be remiss, through that ignorance, in maintaining the Lord’s honor at His table, but it would be dreadful to speak of their remembrance of Him as being a “table of devils.” We could not consistently be identified with what we know to be disobedience to His Word, and so could not break bread with those going on in disobedience to the truths of Christ as to His Church; but let us not sin against God by calling their ignorance the “table of devils.” Alas, individually, many may put to blush, by their devoted and adoring love, those far more intelligent.

On the other hand, we would shrink from applying the title “Lord’s table,” to the idolatrous service of the “mass” in the Church of Rome, or to the act of those holding fundamental error, such as denial of the atonement or any other foundation truth.

(Vol.18, p.183).

Ques.—Several of our children have confessed faith in Christ as their Saviour, but as yet have not received water baptism. They desire to be with us at the Lord’s table. Does Scripture forbid their being received before being baptized?

Ans.—We do not find in Scripture such a thing as admitting at the Lord’s table first, and baptizing afterward. Baptism, being the initiation ordinance into the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, is always the first thing. Mark, we say the kingdom, not the assembly. The two things, though related, are quite distinct from each other. The Lord’s table is for those who, within that kingdom, show a living faith in Christ. The assembly does not receive them because they have been baptized, but because they discover in them such a work of the Holy Spirit as shows them to be truly members of Christ. They should insist, however, that persons being received among them be baptized persons.

We thank God with you for His grace in your children. What are they given us for, but to train them for Him who died for them and has made us such precious promises concerning them?

(Vol.31, p.S3).

Ques.—Is it true, as I hear some teach here, that all true Christians have a right to the Lord’s table?

Ans.—No, it is not true. 1 Cor.5 is proof of this. The Lord holds the Church responsible to refuse fellowship to all who would corrupt it.