Letter Z

J. B. Jackson

A Dictionary of Proper Bible Names

Za a na’im  -  Wanderings

Za’a nan  -  Their flock

Za a nan’nim   Wanderings

Za a’van  -  Their removal: their disquiet

Za’bad  -  A giver

Zab’bai (1)  -  My flittings: my wanderings (?)

Zab’bai (2)  -  Pure: my pure ones

Zab’bud (1)   Endowed

Zab’bud (2)   Remembered

Zab’di  -  My dowry

Zab’di el  -  Endowed of God

Za’bud  -  Endowed

Zab’u lon   Dwelling

Zac’ca i  -  Pure: my pure ones

Zac chae’us  -  Greek for Zaccai

Zac’chur  -  Remembered

Zac’cur  -  Remembered

Zach a ri’ah  -  Remembered of Jehovah

Zach a ri’as  -  Remembered of Jehovah

Za’cher  -  Remembrance

Za’dok  -  To justify

Za’ham  -  He loathed

Za’ir  -  Insignificant: lesser

Za’laph  -  The shadow beautified

Zal’mon  -  Resemblance: image

Zalmo’nah  -  Representation: imagery

Zalmun’na  -  Shade was withheld

Zam zum’mims   Intriguers

Za no’ah  -  To cast off

Zaph’nath pa a ne’ah   Treasury of the glorious rest

Za’phon  -  The north (from to hide)

Za’ra  -  A rising (as the sun)

Za’rah  -  A rising (as the sun)

Za’re ah  -  She was smitten with leprosy

Za’re ath ites  -  patronymic of Zareah

Za’red  -  The stranger subdued: the bond subdued

Zar’e phath  -  Place of refining: she hath refined

Zar’e tan   Their distress

Za’reth sha’har   The splendor of the dawn

Zar’hites  -  patronymic of Zarah, or of Zerah

Zar ta’nah  -  Their distress

Zar’than  -  same as Zartanah

Zat’thu  -  Brightness of him

Zat’tu  -  same as Zatthu

Za’van  -  Their removal: their disquiet

Za’za  -  Brightness: fulness

Zeb a di’ah  -  Endowed of Jehovah

Ze’bah  -  A sacrifice

Ze ba’im  -  The gazelles

Zeb’e dee  -  Greek for Zebadiah

Ze bi’na  -  We are bought

Ze boi’im  -  Gazelles: troops

Ze bo’im  -  Gazelles: troops

Ze bo’im (2)   Dyers: hyenas (1 Sam. 13:8, Neh. 11:34)

Ze bu’dah  -  Endowment

Ze’bul  -  A habitation

Zeb’u lon ite  -  patronymic of Zebulun

Zeb’u lun   Dwelling

Zeb’u lun ites  -  patronymic of Zebulun

Zech a ri’ah  -  Remembered of Jehovah

Ze’dad  -  Turned aside

Zed e ki’ah  -  Righteousness of Jehovah

Ze’eb  -  A wolf

Ze’lah  -  Limping: one-sided

Ze’lek  -  Shadow of a cliff: fissure

Ze lo’phe had  -  Shadow of fear: first rupture

Ze lo’tes  -  A zealot (especially for Jewish independence)

Zel’zah  -  A clear (or dazzling) shadow

Zem a ra’im   Double woolens

Zem’a rite  -  gentilic of Zemaraim

Ze mi’ra  -  Causing singing

Ze’nan  -  Their flock

Ze’nas  -  Jupiter (as the father of gods)

Zeph a ni’ah   Treasured of Jehovah

Ze’phath  -  Watchful

Zeph’a thah   Place of watching

Ze’phi  -  Watch thou

Ze’pho  -  His watching

Ze’phon  -  A watcher: watchfulness

Zeph’on ites   patronymic of Zephon

Zer  -  Strait

Ze’rah  -  A rising

Zer a hi’ah  -  The rising of Jah

Ze’red  -  same as Zared

Zer’e da  -  The adversary rules

Ze red’a thah   Scene of the adversary’s rule

Ze re’rath  -  Oppression: straitness

Ze’resh  -  A stranger in want

Ze’reth  -  Splendor

Ze’ri  -  Balm

Ze’ror  -  A bundle (as bound, confined)

Ze ru’ah  -  Leprous

Ze rub’ba bel   Melted by Babylon

Zer u i’ah   Pierce ye Jah

Ze’tham  -  Their olive

Ze’than  -  Their olive

Ze’thar  -  This is the spy (searcher)

Zi’a  -  Trembling

Zi’ba  -  Appointed

Zib’e on  -  Versicolor: dyer: hyena (1)

Zib’i a  -  A gazelle

Zib’i ah  -  A gazelle

Zich’ri  -  Memorable: do thou remember

Zid’dim  -  The sides: liers in wait

Zid ki’jah   same as Zedekiah

Zi’don  -  A hunting: fishery

Zi’do’ni ans  -  gentilic of Zidon

Zif  -  Brightness

Zi’ha  -  Causing dryness: parching

Zik’lag  -  Enveloped in grief

Zil’lah  -  Shadiness: he wasted

Zil’pah  -  Flippant-mouth: to drop, trickle

Zil’thai  -  My shadows: shadow of Jah (?)

Zim’mah  -  Lewdness

Zim’ran  -  Their song: psalmody

Zim’ri  -  My psalm

Zin  -  A thorn

Zi’na  -  Nourishing

Zi’on  -  Parched place

Zi’or  -  Diminution

Ziph  -  Melting

Zi’phah  -  Refinery

Ziph’ims  -  Smelters

Ziph’i on  -  The watchful

Ziph’ites  -  Smelters

Ziph’ron (to)   To the flow of song

Zip’por  -  A bird (specially a sparrow)

Zip po’rah  -  A sparrow

Zith’ri  -  My hiding-place

Ziz  -  A blossom

Zi’za  -  Exuberance: roving (as a beast)

Zi’zah  -  same as Ziza

Zo’an  -  Removal

Zo’ar  -  Bringing low

Zo’ba  -  A station: standing

Zo’bah  -  A station: standing

Zo be’bah  -  Sluggish: covered

Zo’har  -  Whitening

Zo’he leth  -  The serpentine (one): the crawling thing

Zo’heth  -  Releasing

Zo’phah  -  Expanding

Zo’phai  -  My honeycombs: my overflows

Zo’phar  -  Departing early: a climber

Zo’phim  -  Watchmen

Zo’rah  -  same as Zareah

Zo’rath ites  -  same as Zareathites

Zo’re ah  -  same as Zareah

Zo’rites  -  gentilic of Zorah

Zo rob’a bel   Greek for Zerubbabel

Zu’ar  -  He was belittled

Zuph  -  Honeycomb: overflow

Zur  -  A rock: to besiege

Zu’ri el  -  My rock is God

Zu ri shad’da i  -  My rock is the Almighty

Zu’zims  -  Roving creatures (from same as Tirzah)

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