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Letter T

J. B. Jackson

A Dictionary of Proper Bible Names

Ta’a nach   She will afflict thee

Ta’a nath shi’loh   Shilo’s opportunity: Shilo’s fig tree

Tab’ba oth  -  Rings

Tab’bath  -  Thou wast good

Ta’be al  -  Good for nothing

Ta’be el  -  God is good

Tab’e rah   Thou mayest burn

Tab’i tha  -  A gazelle

Ta’bor   Thou wilt purge

Tab’ri man  -  The pomegranate is good

Tach’mo nite   Thou wilt make me wise

Tad’mor  -  Thou wilt scatter myrrh

Ta’han  -  Thou wilt decline: thou wilt encamp

Ta’han ites  -  patronymic of Tahan

Ta hap’a nes   Thou wilt fill hands with pity

Ta’hath  -  Subordinate: substitute

Tab’pan hes   Thou wilt fill hands with pity

Tah’pe nes  -  Thou wilt cover flight

Tah’re a  -  Separate the friend

Tab’tim hod’shi   The lower ones of my new moon

Tab’i tha  -  A girl: a damsel

Tal’mai  -  My furrows

Tal’mon  -  Oppression: outcast

Ta’mah  -  Thou wilt be fat (marrowy)

Ta’mar  -  A palm tree

Tam’muz   Thou shalt be shrivelled up

Ta’nach  -  same as Taanach

Tan’hu meth   Consolation

Ta’phath  -  Distillation

Tap’pu ah  -  Thou wilt cause to breathe

Ta’rah   Thou mayest breathe

Tar’a lah  -  Release the curse

Ta’re a  -  Mark out a neighbor: chamber of a neighbor

Tar’pel ites  -  They of the fallen mountain: they of the wondrous mountain

Tar’shish   She will cause poverty: she will shatter

Tar’sus  -  A flat basket

Tar’tak  -  Thou shalt be enchained

Tar’tan  -  Release the dragon

Tat’a mi  -  Thou shalt be consumed (finished) (Josh. 15:59, LXX)

Tat’na i  -  My gifts

Te’bah  -  A slaughter

Teb a li’ah  -  Dipped of Jehovah

Te’beth  -  Goodness

Te haph’ne hes   Thou wilt fill hands with pity

Te hin’nah  -  Favor: supplication for favour

Te’kel  -  He was weighed

Te ko’a  -  A trumpet blast: to thrust

Te ko’ah  -  A trumpet blast: to thrust

Te ko’ite  -  gentilic of Tekoa

Tel’a bib  -  Heap of green ears

Te’lah  -  Rejuvenator: invigorator

Tel’a im  -  Lambs (i.e., spotted ones)

Te las’sar   Weariness of the prince: hang thou the prince

Te’lem  -  Covering them: casting them out

Tel ha re’sha   Heap of artifice: heap   of the artificer

Tel har’sa  -  Heap of artifice: heap   of the artificer

Tel me’lah  -  Mound of salt

Te’ma  -  Southerner

Te’man  -  Southward

Te’man i  -  gentilic of Teman

Te man ites  -  gentilic of Teman

Te’men i  -  Thou shalt go to the right hand; my right hand

Te’rah  -  Thou mayest breathe

Ter’a phim  -  Idols (literally enfeeblers, or healers)

Te’resh  -  Possession: thou wilt possess

Ter’tius  -  The third

Ter tul’lus  -  Triple-hardened

Tet’rarch   Ruler of a fourth part (of a country)

Thad’de us  -  Sucking plenty

Tha’hash   Badger (or more probably “seal skin”)

Tha’mah  -  Thou wilt be fat

Tha’mar  -  A palm tree (Greek for Tamar)

Tha’ra   Greek for Tarah

Thar’shish  -  same as Tarshish

The’bez  -  Whiteness: brilliancy

The la’sar  -  Weariness of the prince; hang thou the prince

The oph’i lus   Friend of God

Thes sa lo’ni ans   Victory over the tossing of law: victory over falsity

Thes sa lo ni’ ca   same as Thessalonia

Theu’das   Gift of God: he shall be praised

Thim’na thah   A portion there: thou shalt number there

Thom’as  -  A twin

Thum’mim  -  Perfections

Thy a ti’ra  -  Odor of affliction

Ti be’ri as   derivative of Tiherius

Ti he’ri us   From the Tiber (as river-god)

Tib’hath  -  The slaughter-place

Tib’ni  -  My straw: thou shalt build

Ti’dal  -  Thou shalt be cast out of the Most High: thou shalt be cast out

  -  from above

Tig’lath pi le’ser   Thou wilt uncover the wonderful bond: thou wilt carry away the

  -  wonderful bond

Tik’vah  -  Hope: expectation

Tik’vath  -  Thou shalt be gathered

Til’gath pit ne’ser   Wine-press heap of the wonderful bond: wine press heap of the

  -  distinguished captive

Ti’lon  -  Thou shalt murmur: thou shalt abide

Ti mae’us   Highly prized

Tim’na  -  Thou wilt withhold

Tim’nah (1)  -  Thou wilt withhold

Tim’nah (2)  -  Thou wilt number: a portion (Josh 15:10, 57, 2 Chr. 28:18)

Tim’nath  -  same as Timnah

Tim’nath he’res   Portion of the sun

Tim’nath se’rah   Abundant portion

Tim’nite  -  gentilic of Timnah (2)

Ti’mon  -  Honorable

Ti mo’the us   Honoring God

Tim’o thy   same as Timotheus

Tiph’sah  -  She shall pass over

Ti’ras  -  He crushed the search

Ti’rath’ites  -  Men of the gate: nourishers

Tir ha’kah  -  He searched out the pious: he searched out the waiter

Tir ha’nah  -  A camp-spy

Tir’i a  -  Fear thou (?)

Tir’sha tha  -  Thou shalt possess there

Tir’zah  -  She will delight

Tish’bite  -  Captivity: thau shalt lead captive

Ti’tus  -  Nurse: rearer

Ti’zite  -  Thou shalt go forth

To’ah  -  Sinking: depressing

Tob  -  Good

Tob’ad o ni’jah   Good is my lord Jah

To bi’ah  -  Goodness of Jehovah

To bi’jah  -  Goodness of Jehovah

To’chen  -  Measurement

To gar’mah  -  Thou wilt break her

To’hu  -  They sank down

To’i  -  My wandering: do thou mock

To’la  -  A warm (used in dying crimson, or scarlet)

To’lad  -  Let her bring forth: thou mayest beget

To’la ites   gentilic of Tola

To’paz  -  Affliction has fled away (?)

To’phel  -  Unseasonable

To’phet  -  A spitting (as object of contempt)

To’pheth  -  A spitting

Tor’mah  -  Thou wilt be deceived (Jud. 9:31, marg.)

To’u  -  Do ye mock: do ye stray away

Trach o ni’tis   Rugged, rocky region

Tro’as  -  A Trojan

Tro gyl’li um   A cache (i.e., a hole in the ground for preserving food)

Troph’i mus  -  Nourishment

Try phe’na  -  Luxurious

Try pho’sa  -  Luxuriating

Tu’bal  -  Thou shalt be brought

Tu’bal ca’in  -  Thou wilt be brought of Cain

Tych’i cus  -  Fortunate

Ty ran’nus  -  Absolute rule

Tyre  -  To distress

Ty’rus  -  To distress

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