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Letter S

J. B. Jackson

A Dictionary of Proper Bible Names

Sa bach’tha ni  -  Hast thou forsaken me?

Sab’a oth   Hosts

Sa be’ans (1)  -  Drunkards

Sa be’ans (2)  -  They who come: go about (busybodies?) (Joel 3:8)

Sa be’ans (3)  -  He who is coming (Job 1:15)

Sab’ta  -  He compassed the chamber

Sab’tah  -  same as Sabta: he compassed the mark

Sab’te cha  -  He compassed the seat: he compassed the smiting

Sab’te chah   He compassed the seat: he compassed the smiting

Sa’car  -  A hireling: wages

Sad’du cees   The righteous

Sa’doc  -  Greek for Zadok

Sa’la  -  Greek for Salah

Sa’lah  -  A missile (as sent forth)

Sal’a mis   A surging

Sa la’thi el  -  I have asked of God

Sal’cah  -  He lifted up the blind: straitened basket

Sal’chah  -  He lifted up the blind: straitened basket

Sa’lem  -  At peace: complete: perfect

Sa’lim  -  Tossing

Sal’la i  -  My baskets: my castings up

Sal’lu  -  They have raised up

Sal’ma  -  Raiment

Sal’mon (1)   Image: resemblance (Ps. 68:14)

Sal’mon (2)   Raiment: a garment (Ruth 4:20)

Sal’mon (3)   Clothing

Sal mo’ne  -  From the surging

Sa lo’me  -  Peaceable

Sa’lu  -  Weighed

Sa ma’ri a  -  Guardianship

Sa mar’i tan-s  -  Of Samaria

Sam’gar ne’bo  -  Spice dragged away is his prophecy (?)

Sam’lah  -  Enwrapping

Sa’mos  -  A token: a sandy bluff

Sam o thra’ci a   Samos of Thrace: a sign of rags

Sam’son  -  Little sun (?)

Sam’u el  -  His name (is) of God (?)

San bal’lat  -  Hatred (or thorn) in secret

San’nah  -  see Kirjath-sannah

San san’nah   Thorniness

Saph  -  A basin: a threshold

Saph’ir  -  Fair

Sap phi’ra (saf fi’ra)  -  A sapphire

Sap’phire   Telling out: recounting

Sa’ra  -  A princess

Sa’rah (1)  -  A princess

Sa’rah (2)  -  The prince breathed (Num. 26:46)

Sa’rai  -  My princesses

Sa’raph  -  A burner: fiery: fiery serpent

Sar’dine  -  A footstep

Sar’dis  -  Red ones (?)

Sar’dites  -  patronymic of Sered

Sar’di us  -  Ruddiness

Sar’do nyx  -  Ruddy: (finger) nail colored (?)

Sa rep’ta   Smelting: she hath refined

Sar’gon  -  Stubborn rebel

Sa’rid  -  Survivor: remainder

Sa’ron  -  Rightness

Sar se’chim  -  Prince of the coverts

Sa’ruch  -  Greek for Serug

Sa’tan  -  An adversary

Sa’tyr  -  A demon (in he-goat form, or as bristling with horror)

Saul  -  Requested

Sce’va (se’va)  -  Mind reader

Scyth’i an  -  Rude: rough

Sea  -  see Red Sea

Se’ba  -  Drink thou

Se’bat  -  Smite thou

Se ca’cah   Enclosure

Se’chu  -  They hedged up

Se cun’dus  -  Second

Se’gub  -  Exalted (inaccessibly)

Se’ir  -  Shaggy: hairy: goat-like

Se’i rath  -  The hairy she-goat

Se’la  -  A rock: crag (2 Ki. 14:7)

Se’lah (1)  -  A rock: crag (2 Ki. 14:7)

Se’lah (2)  -  Make prominent

Se’la ham’mah le’koth  The rock of divisions

Se’led  -  Recoil (?)

Sel eu ci’a  -  White light

Sem  -  Greek for Shem

Sem a chi’ah   Sustained of Jehovah

Sem’e i  -  Greek form of Shemaiah

Sen’a ah  -  Hatred (?)

Se’neh  -  Thorny

Se’nir  -  Bear the lamp (?)

Sen nach’e rib  -  The thorn laid waste

Sen’u ah  -  The hatred (?)

Se o’rim  -  Barley: bearded ones

Se’phar  -  Enumeration: census

Seph’a rad  -  End of wandering: end of spreading out

Seph ar va’im (1)   Enumeration, and twofold

Seph ar va’im (2)   Census of the sea (2 Ki. 17:31)

Se’phar vites  -  gentilic of Sepharvaim (1)

Se’rah  -  same as Sarah - the prince breathed

Ser a i’ah   Prevailing of Jehovah: prince of Jehovah

Ser’aph ims   Burners

Se’red  -  Fright (?): stubbornness subdued

Ser’gi us  -  Earth-born: born a wonder

Se’rug  -  Intertwined

Seth  -  Appointed: set

Se’thur  -  Hidden

Sha al ab’bin   Hand of skill: jackal of discernment

Sha al’bim  -  He regarded the hearts: he regarded the lions

Sha al’bo nite  -  gentilic of Shaalbim

Sha’aph  -  Who flew

Sha a ra’im  -  Double gate

Sha ash’gaz   Who succored the cut off

Shah beth’a i   My sabbaths

Shach’i a   The return of Jah: taken captive of Jah

Shad’da i   Almighty

Sha’drach  -  The breast was tender

Sha’ge  -  Erring

Sha’har  -  Dawn: morning

Sha ha ra’im   Double-dawn

Sha haz’i mah  -  To the proud ones: place of the proud

Sha’keh  -  see Rab-shakeh

Sha’lem  -  At peace: complete: safe: perfect

Sha’lim  -  Handfuls

Shal’i sha   Third (place)

Shal’le cheth   Casting forth

Shal’lum  -  Requital: restitution

Shal’lun  -  They spoiled them: he spoiled the lodging

Shal’ma i (1)   My garments: my peace-offerings

Shal’ma i (2)   (a various reading, but probably meaning same as Shalmai (1))

Shal’man   He spoiled them: their peace-offering

Shal ma ne’ser  -  He spoiled them of the bond: their peace-offering of bondage

Sha’ma  -  A hearkener

Sham a ri’ah   Guarded of Jah

Sha’med  -  Guardian: exterminator

Sha’mer  -  Guardian

Sham’gar   The desolate dragged away

Sham’huth  -  Exaltation: desolation

Sha’mir  -  Keeping: guarding

Sham’ma   Desolation: appalment

Sham’mah  -  Desolation: appalment

Sham’ma i  -  My desolations

Sham’moth  -  Desolations

Sham mu’a  -  A hearkener

Sham mu’ah   A hearkener

Sham she ra’i  -  He desolated my observers

Shan  -  see Beth-shan

Shaph’am  -  He bruised them: he swept them bare

Shaph’an   A coney (rock badger)

Shaph’at  -  A judge

Sha’pher  -  Goodliness

Shar’a i  -  My observers: my settings free

Sha ra’im   Double gate

Sha’rar  -  Unyielding: an observer

Sha re’zer  -  He beheld treasure

Sha’ron  -  Rectitude: observation: plain: level

Sha’ron ite  -  gentilic of Sharon

Sha ru’hen  -  They beheld grace

Shash’a i   Whitish: my white (ones): my linens

Sha’shak   The rusher: the longed-for

Sha’ul  -  Asked for

Sha’ul ites  -  patronymic of Shaul

Sha’veh  -  Equality: plain

Sha’veh kir iath a’im   same as Shaveh with Kiriathaim

Shav’sha   The plain was vain

She’al  -  A request

She al’ti el  -  I have asked of God

She’an  -  see Beth-shean

She a ri’ah  -  Gate of Jah

She ar ja’shub  -  A remnant shall return

She’ba (1)  -  He who is coming

She’ba (2)  -  Seven: oath

She’bah  -  The place of the oath: to the oath

She’bam  -  Their hoar head

Sheb a ni’ah   Who is built of Jehovah: who is discerned of Jehovah

Sheb’a rim  -  Breaches

She’ber  -  A breach

Sheb’na  -  Who built: tarry, I pray

She bu’el   Abide ye with God: led captive of God

Shec a ni’ah   The dwelling of Jehovah

Shech a ni’ah  -  same as Shecaniah

She’chem  -  Shoulder (literally early rising): diligence

She’chem ites  -  patronymic of Shechem

Shed’e ur   Breasts of light: breasts of fire: the Almighty is fire

She ha ri’ah   Sought early of Jah

She’lah (1)  -  Quietness: request

She’lah (2)  -  A missile (as sent – son of Shem)

She’lan ites  -  patronymic of Shelah (1)

Shel e mi’ah   The peace-offering of Jehovah

She’leph  -  A drawing out

She’lesh  -  Triplicate: triplet

Shel’omi  -  My peace: peaceable

Shel’o mith (1)   Peaceableness

Shel’o mith (2)   Pacifications (1 Chr. 23:9-26:25-26)

Shel’o moth   Better spelling of Shelomith

She lu’mi el  -  At peace with God

Shem  -  A name

She’ma  -  A report

Shem’a ah  -  The hearkener

Shem a i’ah (1)   The hearkening of Jah

Shem a i’ah (2)   Heard of Jehovah

Shem a ri’ah   Guarded of Jehovah

Shem’e ber  -  Name of soaring (literally name of wing)

She’mer  -  Guardianship

She’mesh  -  The sun (see Beth-shemesh)

She mi’da  -  Name of knowledge: my name he knows

She mi’dah  -  Name of knowledge: my name he knows

She mi’da ites  -  patronymic of Shemidah

Shem’i nith  -  The eighth

She mir’a moth   Name of heights

She mu’el  -  same as Samuel

Shen  -  A tooth

She na’zar  -  Repetition of treasure

She’nir  -  Some think same as Senir (“bear the lamp”)

She’pham  -  Their bareness

Sheph a thi’ah  -  Judged of Jehovah

Sheph a ti’ah   Judged of Jehovah

She’phi  -  My bareness: my prominence

She’pho  -  His bareness: his prominence

She phu’phan  -  Their sinuosity: their bareness

She’rah (1)  -  Near kinship

She’rah (2)  -  see Uzzen-sherah

Sher e bi’ah   Parched of Jah: set free in Jah

She’resh  -  A root

She re’zer  -  He beheld treasure

She’shach  -  Thy fine linen

She’shai  -  My fine linen (garments): whitish

She’shan   Their finelinen

Shesh baz’zar  -  Fine linen in the tribulation

Sheth (1)   Appointed: set

Sheth (2)   Tumult (Num. 24:17)

She’thar  -  Who searches: appointed searcher

She thar boz’na i  -  Who searched my despisers

She’va  -  Vanity

Shib’bo leth   An ear of corn: a flood: a branch

Shib’mah   Why hoary?

Shi’cron  -  Drunkenness

Shig ga’ion  -  Erratic

Shi gi’o noth   Wanderings

Shi’hon  -  Desolation

Shi’hor  -  Black: turbid

Shi’hor lib’nath   Blackness of whiteness

Shil’hi  -  My weapon (as sent)

Shil’him  -  Missiles: sent ones

Shil’lem  -  Recompense

Shil’lem ites   patronymic of Shillem

Shi lo’ah  -  Sent

Shi’loh (1)  -  Peace-bringer: bringer of prosperity

Shi’loh (2)  -  His peace: his prosperity: or same as Shiloh (1) (this form in

  -  Jud. 21:21, Jer. 7:12)

Shi lo’ni  -  gentilic of Shiloh

Shi’lo nite  -  same as Shiloni

Shil’shah   Trebling: triad

Shim’e a  -  A report

Shim’e ah (1)  -  My reports (some copies have Shimea)

Shim’e ah (2)  -  Appalment: desolation

Shim’e ah (3)  -  Hearkening (2 Sam. 13:3,32)

Shim’e am  -  Their desolation

Shim’e ath  -  A report

Shim’e ath ites   gentilic of Shimeath

Shim’ e i  -  Hearkeners: my report

Shim’e on  -  A hearkener

Shim’hi  -  same as Shimei

Shi’mi  -  same as Shimhi

Shim’ites   gentilic of Shimi

Shim’ma  -  A report

Shi’mon  -  A waste: an appalment

Shim’rath  -  Guardianship

Shim’ri  -  My keeper: watchful

Shim’rith   A guardian

Shim’rom   incorrect for Shimrom

Shim’ron  -  A guardian

Shim’ron ites  -  patronymic of Shimron

Shim’ron me’ron   Guardian of arrogance

Shim’shai  -  My minister: my suns

Shi’nab  -  Father’s tooth: change of father

Shi’nar  -  Tooth of the city (?): change of the city

Shi’phi  -  My abundance

Shiph’mite  -  patronymic of Shapham

Shiph’rah   He garnished: fairness

Shiph’tan   Their judgment

Shi’sha  -  Whiteness: a sixth: or possibly i.q. Shavsha

Shi’shak  -  Greedy of fine linen: he who will give drink

Shit’ra i  -  My officers

Shit’tah  -  see Beth-shittah

Shit’tim  -  Acacias

Shi’za  -  Who sprinkled (?)

Sho’a  -  Opulent: noble: free: cry

Sho’bab  -  Backsliding

Sho’bach   Thy turning back

Sho’ba i  -  My captives: my backslidings

Sho’bal  -  Flowing: shooting (forth): waving

Sho’bek  -  Forsaking

Sho’bi  -  My captive: my backsliding

Sho’cho  -  His hedge: his branch

Sho’choh  -  His hedge: his branch

Sho’co  -  His hedge

Sho’ham  -  Their equalizing: justifying them

Sho’mer  -  Guarding

Sho’phach  -  Pouring out

Sho’phan  -  Their bruising

Sho shan’nim,  -  Lilies

Sho shan’nim e’duth  -  Lilies of testimony

Shu’a  -  A cry: opulence: salvation

Shu’ah (1)  -  Depression

Shu’ah (2)  -  A pit (1 Chr. 4:11)

Shu’al  -  A jackal

Shu’ba el   The return of God

Shu’ham  -  Their pit

Shti’ham ites  -  patronymic of Shuham

Shu’hite  -  gentilic of Shuah (1)

Shu’lam ite  -  The perfect: the Peaceful

Shu’math ites  -  The exalted: garlicky

Shu’nam ite   gentilic of Shunem

Shu’nem  -  Double rest

Shu’ni  -  My rest

Shu’nites   gentilic of Shuni

Shu’pham  -  Their bareness

Shu’pham ites  -  gentilic of Shupham

Shup’pim   Bared ones: serpents

Shur  -  Beheld: rampart (as point of observation)

Shu’shan   A lily

Shu’shan e’duth   Lily of testimony

Shu’thal hites  -  gentilic of Shuthelah

Shu’the lah  -  Freshly appointed: resembling rejuvenation

Si’a  -  Departing

Si’a ha  -  same as Sia

Sib’be cai   My thickets

Sib’be chai  -  same as Sibbecai

Sib’bo leth  -  A burden

Sib’mah  -  proper spelling of Shibmah

Sib ra’im  -  Double purpose

Si’chem  -  Shoulder (as place for burden)

Sid’dim  -  Cultivators: furrows

Si’don  -  Hunting

Si do’ni ans  -  gentilic of Sidon

Si’hon  -  Sweeping away: scraping away

Si’hor  -  Black: turbid

Si’las  -  A contraction of Sylvanus

Sil’la  -  He weighed: compared: weighing place

Si lo’ah  -  A missile (as sent)

Silo’am  -  Greek for Siloah

Sil va’nus   Sylvan (i.e., woody)

Sim’e on  -  Hearkening

Sim’e on ites   patronymic of Simeon

Si’mon  -  Greek for Simeon

Sim’ri  -  same as Shimri

Sin  -  Thorn: clay: mire

Si’na  -  Greek for Sinai

Si’na i  -  My thorns

Si’nim  -  Thorns

Sin’ite  -  gentilic of Sin

Si’on (1)  -  Parched place (another name for Mt. Zion)

Si’on (2)  -  Elevation: a bearing: carrying (another name for Mt. Hermon,

  -  Deut. 4:48)

Si’on (3)  -  (in N. T.) Greek for Zion

Siph’moth  -  Lips (i.e. languages)

Sip’pai  -  My basins: my thresholds

Si’rah  -  Turning aside

Sir’i on (1)  -  Little prince: breastplate (Ps. 29:6)

Sir’i on (2)  -  Breastplate

Sis a ma’i   Water crane: swallow

Sis’e ra  -  A crane of seeing: swallow of seeing

Sit’nah  -  Hostility: accusation

Si’van  -  Their covering (?)

Smyr’na  -  Myrrh

So  -  Concealed: conspicuous

So’cho  -  His hedge: his branch

So’choh  -  His hedge: his branch

So’coh  -  His hedge: his branch

So’di  -  My confidant

Sod’om  -  Fettered

Sod’o ma   Fettered

Sod’omites  -  set-apart ones (for unholy purposes): temple prostitutes

Sol’o mon  -  Peaceableness

Sop’a ter   Saving father

Soph’e reth  -  Registrar

So’rek  -  Choice vine

So’resh  -  Choice vine: but if Greek “saved, O King” (Josh. 15:59, LXX.)

So sip’a ter  -  Saying father

Sos’the nes  -  Saving strength: strong saviour

So’ta i  -  My swervings

Spain  -  Scarceness (?)

Sta’chys  -  An ear of corn

Stac’te  -  A drop

Steph’a nas   Crowned

Ste’phen (ste’vn)   A crown

Sto’icks  -  Of the portico

Su’ah  -  Offal

Suc’coth  -  Booths

Sue’coth be’noth  -  The daughter’s booths

Su’chath ites   Bush-men: hedgers

Suk’ki ims  -  Thicket-men

Sur  -  Turning aside

Su’san chites  -  They of the lily: they of the palace (Shushan)

Su san’na  -  A lily: her lily

Su’si  -  My horse

Sy’char  -  Drunken: hired: as Greek “co-joyous”

Sy’chem  -  Greek for Shechem

Sye’ne  -  Her veiling (?)

Syn’ty che  -  Well-met

Syr’a cuse  -  A Syrian hearing

Syr’i a  -  Exalted

Syr’i ack  -  The Syrian tongue

Syr’ia da mas’cus   see Syria and Damascus

Syr’ia Ma a’chah   see Syria and Maachah

Syr’i an  -  gentilic of Syria

Syr’i ans (1)   Literally “Edomites”

Syr’i ans (2)   Lofty ones (2 Chr. 22:5)

Sy ro phe ni’ci an  -  Exalted palm

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