Letter R

J. B. Jackson

A Dictionary of Proper Bible Names

Ra’amah  -  Thunder

Ra a mi’ah  -  Thunder of Jah

Ra am’ses  -  Thunder of the standard

Rab’bah  -  Populous

Rab’bath  -  Populous

Rab’bi  -  My master

Rab’bith  -  Multiplicity

Rab bo’ni   My chief master

Rab’mag  -  Chief soothsayer: much melting

Rab’sa ris  -  Chief eunuch

Rab’sha keh   Chief cup-bearer

Ra’ca  -  Vain: empty

Ra’chab  -  Greek for Rahab (2), i.e., breadth

Ra’chal  -  Trafficker

Ra’chel  -  A ewe

Rad’da i  -  My subduings

Ra’gau  -  Greek for Reu

Ra gu’el  -  Associate with God (or literally “tend ye God”)

Ra’hab (1)  -  Arrogance

Ra’hab (2)  -  Breadth (the harlot, of Jericho)

Ra’ham  -  Compassionate

Ra’hel  -  Ewe: same as Rachel

Ra’kem  -  Embroidery

Rak’kath  -  Leanness: her spitting

Rak’kon  -  Emaciation: spitting out

Ram  -  High

Ra’ma  -  The height

Ra’mah  -  The height

Ra’math  -  The height

Ra math a’im zoph’im   The double height of the watchers

Ra’math ite  -  patronymic of Ramah

Ra’math le’hi   Jaw-bone height

Ra’math miz’peh  -  The watch-tower height

Ra me’ses  -  Evil is the standard-bearer: or same as Raamses

Ra mi’ah  -  Jah has exalted: loosed of Jah

Ra’moth  -  Heights: coral

Ra’moth gil’e ad   see Ramoth and Gilead

Ra’pha (1)  -  He healed: the giant: the shrunken (in 1 Chr 8: 2-20:4,6,8)

Ra’pha (2)  -  The giant: the feeble (one)

Ra’phu  -  Healed

Re a i’a  -  Seen of Jah

Re a i’ah  -  Seen of Jah

Re’ba  -  A fourth part

Re bec’ca   Greek for Rebekah

Re bek’ah  -  Tying

Re’chab  -  Charioteer: rider

Re’chab ites   gentilic of Rechab

Re’chah  -  Tenderness

Red sea (1)  -  To come to an end: a reed (Amos 3:15)

Red sea (2)  -  A whirlwind (Job 37:9)

Re el a’iah  -  Shaken of Jah

Re’gem  -  Stoning

Re gem’me lech   Stoning of the king

Re ha bi’ah  -  Enlarged of Jehovah

Re’hob  -  Broad place (as modern “square, plaza”)

Re ho bo’am   Enlargement of the people

Re ho’both  -  Broad places

Re’hum  -  Compassionate

Re’i  -  My friend

Re’kem  -  Embroidery: variegation

Rem a li’ah  -  Lifted up to Jehovah: bedecked of Jehovah

Re’meth  -  Elevation

Rem’mon   Pomegranate

Rem’mon meth o’ar  The marked-out pomegranate

Rem’phan  -  The shrunken (as lifeless)

Re’pha el   Healed of God

Re’phah  -  Enfeebling of the breath: healing of the breath

Reph a i’ah  -  Healed of Jah: enfeebled of Jah

Reph’a im-s   The dead: giants: healers

Reph’i dim  -  Supports: shrinking of hands

Re’sen  -  A bridle

Re’sheph   A flame

Re’u  -  Associate ye: feed ye

Reu’ben  -  see ye, a son

Reu’ben ites   patronymic of Reuben

Re u’el  -  Associate ye with God: tend ye God

Re u’mah   Raised up; see ye aught?

Re’zeph  -  Burning: glowing

Re zi’a  -  Haste: delight

Re’zin  -  Delightsomeness

Re’zon  -  To wax lean: a prince.

Rhe’gi um  -  A passage (as broken through)

Rhe’sa  -  Greek for Rephaiah

Rho’da  -  A rose

Rhodes  -  Rosy

Ri’bai  -  My strengths

Rib’lah  -  The strife ended: fruitful

Rim’mon (1)   Pomegranate

Rim’mon (2)   His pomegranate (1 Chr. 6:77)

Rim’mon pa’rez   Pomegranate of the breach

Rin’nah  -  A joyful shout

Ri’phath (1)   Bruising: shrivelling: healing

Ri’phath (2)   Slander: fault (Gen. 10: 3)

Ris’sah  -  Moistening

Rith’mah  -  Binding: broom-copse

Riz’pah  -  Pavement: glowing

Ro bo’am   Greek for Rehoboam

Ro dan’im  -  Breakers loose (see Do da’mm)

Ro ge’lim   Footmen: treaders: fullers (?)

Roh’gah  -  Fear cured: agitation

Ro mam ti e’zer   I have exalted the helper

Ro’man-s   Strong

Rome  -  Strength

Rosh  -  Head: chief

Ru’fus  -  Red (or if Greek, “supping up”)

Ru ha’mah  -  see Lo-ruhamah

Ru’mah  -  Exaltation

Ruth  -  Satisfied

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