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Letter P

J. B. Jackson

A Dictionary of Proper Bible Names

Pa a’ne ah  -  see Zaphnath-paaneah

Pa’a rai  -  My openings

Pa’dan  -  Their ransom

Pa’dan a’ram  -  Their ransom is high

Pa’don  -  Ransom

Pa’gi el  -  Event of God

Pa’hath mo’ab  -  Pit of Moab

Pa’i  -  My groaning

Pa’lal  -  Mediator: judge (as intervening)

Pal es ti’na  -  Wallowing

Pal’es tine  -  Another spelling of Palestina

Pal’lu  -  Wonderful

Pal’lu ites  -  patronymic of Pallu

Pal’ti  -  My escape

Pal’ti el  -  Deliverance of God

Pal’tite  -  same as Palti

Pam phyl’i a   All sorts: all tribes

Pan’nag  -  Preparing of affliction

Pa’phos  -  Suffering

Pa’rah  -  He increased: heifer

Pa’ran  -  Their beautifying

Par’bar  -  He annulled the com

Pa’rez  -  see Rimmon-parez

Par mash’ta   Spoiled is the banquet

Par’me nas  -  One who abides

Par’nach  -  The bullock we smote

Pa’rosh  -  A flea

Par shan’da tha   He repeatedly broke the decree

Par’thi ans  -  A pledge (?)

Par’u ah  -  He was budded

Par va’im   He broke their hooks (?)

Pa’sach  -  Thy vanishing: thy spreading out

Pas dam’mim  -  Vanishing of bloods: he spread out bloods

Pa se’ah  -  Vacillating: halting

Pash’ur  -  Increasing of white (linen)

Pat’a ra  -  Suffering it seems (?): scattering cursing

Path’ros  -  A morsel moistened

Path ru’sim  -  gentilic of Pathros

Pat’mos  -  My killing

Pat’ro bas  -  Father’s walk

Pa’u  -  They cried

Paul  -  Little

Paul’us  -  Another form of Paul

Paz’zez  -  see Beth-pazzez

Ped’a hel   Redeemed of God

Pe dah’zur  -  The rock has redeemed

Pe da’iah   Redeemed of Jehovah

Pe’kah  -  Opening

Pek a hi’ah  -  Opening of Jah

Pe’kod  -  To visit

Pel a i’ah   Distinguished of Jah

Pel a li’ah   Intervention of Jah

Pel a ti’ah  -  Jehovah’s (way of) escape

Pe’leg  -  A channel (as a cleft, dividing)

Pe’let  -  Escape

Pe’leth  -  Separation

Pe’leth ites  -  gentilic of Peleth

Pel’o nite   A certain (unnamed) one

Pe ni’el  -  The face of God (literally, turn thou, God)

Pe nin’nah  -  A ruby

Pen’te cost  -  Fiftieth

Pe nu’el  -  Turn ye (to) God: the face of God

Pe’or  -  The opening

Per’a zim   Breaches

Pe’res  -  Hasbeen (or is) divided

Pe’resh  -  Dung

Pe’rez  -  Breach

Pe’rez uz’za   The breach was strengthened

Pe’rez uzzah   The breach was strengthened

Per’ga  -  Much earth: very earthy

Per’ga mos  -  Much marriage

Pe ri’da  -  Separation

Per’iz zites  -  Rustic: squatter (?)

Per’sia  -  He divided

Per’si an  -  gentilic of Persia

Per’sis  -  A Persian woman

Pe ru’da  -  Separation: seed (as separated)

Pe’ter  -  A stone

Peth a hi’ah   Opened of Jah

Pe’thor  -  To interpret

Pe thu’el  -  Be ye persuaded of God: be ye enlarged of God

Pe ul’thai   My works: my wages

Pha’gor  -  To faint (Josh. 15:59, LXX)

Pha’lec  -  Greek for Peleg

Phal’lu  -  Wonderful

Phal’ti  -  My escape

Phal’ti el  -  same as Paltiel

Phanu’el  -  Face of God: turn ye to God

Pha’raoh (fa’ro)   His nakedness

Pha’raoh hoph’ra  -  His nakedness, covering evil

Pha’raoh ne’cho  -  His nakedness, he is smitten

Pha’raoh ne’choh   His nakedness, he is smitten

Pha’res  -  Greek for Pharez

Pha’rez  -  A breach

Phar’i sees  -  The separated: expounders

Pha’rosh  -  same as Parosh

Phar’par  -  Breaking asunder

Phar’zites  -  patronymic of Pharez

Pha se’ah  -  same as Paseah

Phe’be  -  Radiant

Phe’let  -  see Beth-phelet

Phe ni’ce (1)   Palm-land (Acts 27:12)

Phe ni’ce (2)   Palm: palm-tree

Phe ni’ci a  -  Same as Phenice (1)

Phi’chol  -  Mouth of all

Phil a del’phi a  -  Brotherly love

Phi le’mon  -  One who kisses

Phi le’tus   Beloved

Phil’ip  -  Lover of horses (i,e. the race)

Phi lip’pi  -  same as Philip

Phi lip’pi ans   gentilic of Philippi

Phi lis’ti a   Wallowing

Phi lis’tim  -  gentilic of Philistia

Phi lis’tine-s   same as Philistim

Phi lol’o gus   Lover of the word

Phin’e has  -  Mouth of pity

Phle’gon  -  Burning

Phoe’be  -  same as Phebe

Phoe’nice  -  same as Phenice

Phoe ni’cia  -  same as Phenicia

Phryg’ia  -  Parched (used for “female roaster”)

Phu’rah  -  He was fruitful

Phut  -  same as Libya, and Put

Phu’vah  -  He was scattered (as by a puff, a blow)

Phy gel’lus  -  A little fugitive

Pi be’seth  -  Mouth of loathing

Pi ha hi’roth   The mouth of wrath kindlings: the mouth of caves

Pi’late  -  Close pressed (as a piece of felt)

Pil’dash  -  He threshed the separated: iron (bolt ?) of fire

Pil’e ha  -  Cleavage

Pil e’ser  -  see Tiglath, and Tilgath

Pil ne’ser   see Tilgath-pilneser

Pit’tai  -  My escapes

Pi’non  -  Distraction

Pi’ram  -  Their wild ass

Pir’a thon   Nakedness: looseness

Pir’a thon ite   gentilic of Pirathon

Pis’gah  -  Survey

Pi sid’ia  -  Persuasion of right

Pi’son  -  Increase

Pis’pah  -  Disappearance

Pi’thom  -  Mouth of integrity

Pi’thon  -  Mouth of a monster

Ple’ia des   For what?

Poch’e reth  -  Here the cutting off

Pol’lux  -  Jupiter’s young men

Pon’ti us  -  Of the sea

Pon’tus  -  The sea

Por’a tha   Fruitfulness: frustration

Por’ci us  -  Swinish

Por’ci us fes’tus   Swinish festival

Pot’i phar   My affliction was broken

Po tiph’e rah   Affliction of the locks (of hair)

Prae to’ri um   The chief magistrate’s court

Pris’ca  -  Ancient

Pris cil’la  -  Little old woman (diminutive of Prisca)

Proch’o rus  -  Leader of the dance: leader of praise

Ptol e ma’is (tol),   Warlike (?)

Pu’a  -  same as Phuvah

Pu’ah (1)   He was scattered

Pu’ah (2)   Pained (as a woman in travail); displayed (Ex. 1:15)

Pub’li us  -  Popular

Pu’dens  -  Modest

Pu’hites  -  Openness: simplicity: (ingenuous?)

Pul  -  Distinguishing: separator (?)

Pu’nites  -  Distracted: or gentilic of Phuvah

Pu’non  -  Distraction

Pur  -  Frustration: lot

Pu’rim   masculine plural of Pur

Put  -  Afflicted

Pu te’o li  -  Little (mineral) springs: chief justice (if Greek)

Pu’ti el  -  Afflicted of God

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