Letter O

J. B. Jackson

A Dictionary of Proper Bible Names

O ba di’ah  -  Serving Jehovah

O’bal  -  Heaping confusion

O’bed  -  Serving

O’bed e’dom   Serving Edom

O’bil  -  Causing mourning

O’both  -  Necromancers: water skins

Oc’ran  -  Their trouble

O’ded  -  Restoration: surrounding

Og  -  Hearth-cake

O’had  -  He shouted

O’hel  -  A tent

Ol’i vet  -  Olive yard

O lym’pas  -  Celestial (?): (in mythology – the god of games)

O’mar  -  I will say

O’me ga  -  Finality: last letter of Greek alphabet

Om’ri  -  My sheaf (as bound)

On  -  Vigor: strength: iniquity

O’nam  -  Their vigor (masculine): their iniquity

O’nan  -  Their vigor (feminine): their iniquity

O’nes’i mus  -  Profitable

O ne siph’or us   Profit-bringing

O’no  -  His vigor: his iniquity

O ny’cha  -  Whose travail: roaring (as a lion)

O’nyx  -  Setting them equal: justifying them

O’phel  -  Swelling: tumor: mound

O’phir  -  Reducing to ashes

Oph’ni   My flying: my darkness (?)

Oph’rah  -  Dustiness: fawn-like (from its color)

O’reb  -  A raven

O’ren  -  An ash: a fir: a cedar

Ori’on  -  A fool

Or’nan  -  Light was perpetuated: their fir tree

Or’pah  -  Her neck: neck-iness (?)

O’see  -  Greek for Hosea

O’she a  -  To save

Oth’ni  -  My seasonable speaking

Oth’ni el  -  Seasonable speaking of God

O’zem  -  I shall hasten them

O zi’as  -  Greek for Uzziah

Oz’ni  -  My hearing: my ear

Oz’nites  -  patronymic of Ozni

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