Letter N

J. B. Jackson

A Dictionary of Proper Bible Names

Na’am  -  Pleasant

Na’am ah   Pleasantness

Na’am an   Pleasantness

Na’a ma thite  -  gentilic of Naamah

Na’am ites  -  patronymic of Naaman

Na’a rah  -  A maiden

Na’a rai  -  My boys: my shakings: my roarings

Na’a ran  -  Their boy: (or maiden)

Na’a lath  -  To maidenhood: maiden-place

Na ash’on   A diviner

Na as’son  -  Greek for Naashon

Na’bal  -  Foolish

Na’both  -  Increasings

Na’chon  -  Established

Na’chor  -  Snorter

Na’dab  -  The willing one

Nag’ge  -  My shinings

Na’ha lal  -  Tended (as in a pasture)

Na ha’li el  -  Valley (or river) of God

Na hal’lal  -  more properly Nahalal

Na’ha lol  -  Being tended – see Nahalal

Na’ham  -  Comforter

Na ham’a ni   He comforted me

Na har’ai  -  My snortings

Na’ha ri  -  same as Naharai

Na’hash  -  A serpent

Na’hath  -  Rest: descent

Nah’bi  -  My hiding

Na’hor  -  same as Nachor

Nah’shon   A diviner

Na’hum  -  Comforted

Na’in  -  Affiicted: beautiful

Na’ioth  -  Abodes

Na’o mi  -  My pleasantness

Na’phish  -  Refreshing

Naph’ta li   My wrestling: my tortuoscity

Naph’tu him   Openings

Nar cis’sus  -  Narcotic

Na’than  -  A giver

Na than’a el   Given of God

Na’than me’lech   The king’s gift

Na’um  -  Greek for Nahum

Naz a rene’  -  gentilic of Nazareth

Naz’a reth  -  A branch: preservation

Naz’a rites  -  Separated

Ne’ah  -  A wandering: a shaking

Ne ap’o lis  -  New city

Ne a ri’ah   Shaken of Jah: child of Jah

Neb’a i  -  My fruits

Ne ba’ioth  -  Prophecies: increasings: heights

Ne ba’joth  -  Prophetesses

Ne bal’lat   Secret folly

Ne’bat  -  Beheld: we shall speak idly

Ne’bo  -  His prophecy

Neb u chad nez’zar   Confusing the lord of treasure: prophesy, the earthen vessel is

  -  preserved

Neb u chad rez’zar   Confusion of the abode of treasure: prophesy, the seer’s vessel is

  -  preserved

Neb u shas’ban   Prophesy their deliverance

Neb u zar’a dan   Prophesy, the lord is estranged

Ne’cho  -  His smiting

Ned a bi’ah  -  Givingness of Jah

Neg’i nah   A harp-song

Neg’i noth  -  Harp-songs

Ne’go  -  see Abednego

Ne hel’am ite  -  He of the dream

Ne he mi’ah   Comfort of Jah

Ne’hil oth   We shall cause profanation: we shall divide the inheritance

Ne’hum  -  Comfort

Ne hush’ta  -  Bronzed

Ne hush’tan   A bit of bronze

Ne’i el  -  We shall be shaken of God

Ne’keb  -  A varying (groove?)

Ne ko’da  -  Spotted

Ne mu’el  -  They (were made to) slumber of God

Ne mu’el ites   patronymic of Nemuel

Ne’pheg  -  We shall cease (grow numb)

Ne’phish  -  Refreshing

Ne phish’e sim   We shall shake the spoilers: refreshed of spices

Neph’tha lim   Greek for Naphtali

Neph to’ah  -  Opening

Ne phu’sim  -  Scatter spices: expansions

Ner  -  A lamp

Ne’re us  -  A water nymph (ancient sea-god)

Ner’gal  -  The lamp rolled

Ner’gal shar e’zer   The rolling lamp observed the treasure

Ne’ri  -  Greek for Neriah

Ne ri’ah  -  My lamp is Jehovah

Ne than’e el   Given of God

Neth a ni’ah   Given of Jehovah

Neth’i nim-s   Given ones

Ne to’phah  -  Dropping: distillation

Ne toph’a thi   gentilic of Netophah

Ne toph’a thite   same as Netophathi

Ne zi’ah  -  We shall oversee

Ne’zib  -  A garrison

Nib’haz  -  We shall utter (what is) seen

Nib’shan  -  We shall prophesy quiet: smoothed (?)

Ni ca’nor  -  Untimely victory

Nic o de’mus   Conqueror of the populace

Nic o la’i tans  -  Conqueror of (what is of) the people

Nic’o las  -  Conqueror of the people (as a whole)

Ni cop’o lis  -  Conquest of the city

Ni’ger  -  Black (probably Latin)

Nim’rah  -  He was rebellious: leopardess

Nim’rim  -  Rebellious ones: leopards

Nim’rod  -  We will rebel

Nim’shi  -  My being drawn

Nin’e ve  -  Greek for Nineveh

Nin’e veh   Offspring of ease: offspring abiding

Nin’e vites  -  gentilic of Ninevah

Ni’san  -  Their flight

Nis’roch  -  Ensign of delicateness

No  -  Disrupting, frustrating

No a di’ah  -  Convened of Jah: meeting of Jah

No’ah (1)   Rest

No’ah (2)   Movable (name of female)

No a’mon   see No and Amon

Nob  -  Fruit: empty: or possibly same as Nebo

No’bah  -  A barking

Nod  -  Wandering

No’dab  -  Liberal

No’e  -  Greek for Noah (1)

No’gah  -  Brightness

No’hah  -  Quietude

Non  -  same as Nun

Noph  -  Presentability

No’phah  -  Breathing: blowing

Nun  -  Perpetuity

Nym’phas  -  Bridal

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