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Letter M

J. B. Jackson

A Dictionary of Proper Bible Names

Ma’acah  -  Pressure (literally she has pressed)

Ma’a chah  -  Pressure (literally she has pressed)

Ma ach’a thi  -  patronymic of Maachah

Ma ach’a thites   patronymic of Maachathi

Ma ad’ai  -  My unclothings: my slidings: my adornings

Ma a di’ah  -  Adorned of Jah: shaken of Jah

Ma a’i  -  My bowels

Ma al’eh ac rab’bim  Ascent of the scorpions

Ma’ar ath   Naked place

Ma a se’iah  -  Work of Jehovah

Ma a se’iah (2)   Jah is a refuge (Jer. 32:12-51:59)

Ma as’i ai   My works

Ma’ath  -  From this time

Ma’az  -  Counsellor: shutting

Ma a zi’ah  -  Strengthened of Jehovah

Mac e do’ni a   Tall (?)

Mac e do’ni an  -  derivative of Macedonia

Mach’ba nai   He brought low my sons

Mach’be nah   He brought low the building

Ma’chi   My poverty

Ma’chir  -  A salesman

Ma’chir ites  -  patronymic of Machir

Mach na de’bai  -  He brought low my willing ones

Mach pe’lah   Doubling: he brought low the set apart

Mad’a i  -  My measures: my garments: what is enough

Ma’di an  -  Greek for Midian

Mad man’nah  -  Dung-heap: thou art simulating a garment

Mad’men   Dung-hill: garment of simulation

Mad me’nah   same as Madmen with feminine termination

Ma’don  -  Strife

Mag’bish  -  Crystallizing

Mag’da la   A tower

Mag da le’ne   gentilic of Magdala

Mag’di el  -  My preciousness is God

Ma’gog  -  Overtopping: covering

Ma gor mis’sa bib   Fear from around about

Mag’pi ash  -  Plague of the moth: the plague is consumed

Ma’ha lah   Sickness

Ma ha la’le el   Praise of God

Ma’ha lath  -  Making sick: sickness: appeasing

Ma’ha lath le an’noth  Preceding with Leannoth

Ma’ha li  -  My sickness

Ma ha na’im   Double camp

Ma’ha neh dan’   The camp of Dan

Ma har’a i  -  My hastenings

Ma’hath  -  Snatching

Ma’hav ite  -  Declarers: propagators: assemblers: living ones

Ma ha’zi oth   Visions

Ma’her shal’al hash’baz Quickly the spoil, hasting the prey

Mah’lah  -  Sickness

Mah’li  -  My sickness

Mah’lites   patronymic of Mahli

Mah’lon  -  Sickness

Ma’hol  -  A dance

Ma’kaz  -  Cutting off

Mak’he loth  -  Congregations

Mak ke’dah  -  Branding (spotting) place

Mak’tesh   A mortar (braying place)

Mal’a chi  -  My messenger

Mal’cham   Their king

Mal chi’ah  -  My king is Jehovah

Mal’chi el   My king is God

Mal’chi el ites  -  Patronymic of Malchiel

Mal chi’jah  -  My king is Jehovah

Mal chi’ram  -  My king is exalted

Mal chi shu’a   My king is salvation: king of opulence

Mal’chus  -  Kingly

Ma le’le el  -  same as Mahalaleel

Mal’lo thi   I have spoken

Mal’luch  -  Kingly

Mam’mon  -  Wealth (as trusted in)

Mam’re  -  Causing fatness

Man’a en   Greek for Menahem

Man’a hath  -  Resting-place

Ma na’heth ites   feminine plural of gentilic of Manahath (1 Chr. 2:52)

Ma na’heth ites (2)   patronymic of Manahath

Ma nas’seh  -  Causing to forget

Ma nas’ses  -  Greek for Manasseh

Ma nas’sites   patronymic of Manasseh

Ma’neh  -  A weight: (as a standard, from Manak = “to number”)

Ma no’ah   Rest

Ma no’cho  -  His rest (Josh. 15:59, LXX)

Ma’och  -  Pressing: squeezing

Ma’on  -  Habitation

Ma’on ites  -  gentilic of Maon

Ma’ra  -  He was arrogant: bitterness

Ma’rah  -  He rebelled: bitterness

Mar’a lah   Causing shaking

Mar a nath’a   The Lord comes

Mar’cus  -  A defence (?)

Ma re’shah  -  Headship: forget to be arrogant

Mark  -  English form of Marcus

Ma’roth  -  Bitternesses

Mar’se na  -  Bitter is the thorn-bush

Mars hill  -  same as Areopagus

Mar’tha  -  She was rebellious

Ma’ry  -  Greek for Miriam

Mas’chil  -  Giving understanding

Mash  -  He departed: he felt (groped)

Ma’shal  -  A parable: a parabolist

Mas’re kah  -  Place of the choice vine

Mas’sa  -  A prophecy: a burden (as something undertaken to carry through);

  -  enduring

Mas’sah  -  Temptation: she fainted

Ma thu’sa la   Greek for Methuselah

Ma’tred  -  Causing pursuit: continuing

Ma’tri    He of the rain: rainy

Mat’tan  -  A gift

Mat’tan ah  -  A gift: givingness

Mat ta ni’ah   Gift of Jehovah

Mat’ta tha  -  Greek for Mattathah

Mat’ta thah  -  Givingness

Mat ta thi’as   Greek for Mattithiah

Mat te na’i  -  My gifts

Mat’than  -  Greek for Mattan

Mat’that  -  abbreviated form of Matthias

Mat’thew   an abbreviated form of Mattathias

Mat thi’as  -  another form of Matthew

Mat ti thi’ah   Gift of Jehovah

Maz’zar oth  -  Scatterings (?)

Me’ah  -  An hundred

Me a’rah  -  A cave (from to strip, lay bare)

Me bun’nai  -  My buildings

Mech’e rath ite   He of the dug-out: he of the digging tool

Me’dad  -  Would be loving

Me’dan  -  Strife: discernment

Mede  -  My measure: my garment

Med’e ba   Waters of rest (quiet)

Medes  -  He of the measured: my garments

Me’di a  -  same as Medes

Me’di an  -  Chaldee, emphatic of Madai

Me gid’do   Invading: gathering for cutting (self): his cutting place

Me gid’don  -  The cutter: brander

Me het’a beel  -  God’s best

Me het’a bel   same as Mehetabeel

Me hi’da  -  Allegorist

Me’hir  -  A price

Me ho’lah   see A bel-meholah

Me hol’ath ite  -  gentilic of Meholath

Me hu’ja el (1)   Blot ye out that Jah is God (Gen. 4:18)

Me hu’ja el (2)   Blot thou out that my Jah is God (2nd name)

Me hu’man  -  Their discomfiture

Me hu’nim-s   Habitations

Me jar’kon  -  Waters of mildew: waters of verdure

Me ko’nah  -  A settlement (or base)

Mel a ti’ah  -  Jah’s (way of) escape

Mel’chi  -  Greek for Melchiah

Mel chi’ah  -  another form of Malchiah

Mel chis’e dec   Greek for Melchizedek

Mel chi shu’a   same as Malchishua

Mel chiz’e dek   King of righteousness

Me’le a  -  My dear friend: object of care

Me’lech  -  A king

Mel’i cu  -  My royalty: they have made a king

Mel’i ta  -  Of honey: escaping

Mel’zar  -  The circumcised, he straitened

Mem’phis   Being made fair: but if Greek, “blamable” “encompassed”

Me mu’can  -  Their poverty

Men’a hem  -  Comforter

Me’nan  -  Soothsayer: enchanted

Me’ne  -  He has numbered

Me’on  -  see Baal-meon

Me on’e nim   Observers of times

Me on’o thai   My dwellings

Meph’a ath  -  The shining forth

Me phib’o sheth   Breathing shame

Me’rab  -  Increasing

Mer a i’ah  -  Rebellion: provoking Jah

Me ra’ioth  -  Rebellions

Me ra’ri  -  My bitterness

Me ra’rites  -  patronymic of Merari

Mer a tha’im   Double rebellion: double bitterness

Mer cu’ri us  -  Eloquent: learned: shrewd: crafty

Me’red  -  Rebellion

Mer’e moth  -  Elevations

Me’res  -  Moisture: fracture

Mer’i bah   Strife

Mer’i bah Ka’desh   Strife of Kadesh (see Kadesh)

Me rib’ba al (1)   Baal is contentious

Me rib’ba al (2)   Rebellion of Baal (1 Chr. 9:40, 2nd name)

Me ro’dach  -  Thy rebellion

Me ro’dach bal’a dan   Merodach is not a lord: thy rebellion, Baal is lord

Me’rom  -  The lifting up

Me ron’o thite   The joyful shouter

Me’roz  -  Waxing lean: enduring: cedar worker

Me’sech  -  A drawing: a purchase (as mechanical advantage)

Me’sha (1)  -  Bringing deliverance

Me’sha (2)  -  Waters of devastation: making to forget: equalizing: existing

  -  (1 Chr. 8:9; Gen. 10:30)

Me’shach   Waters of quiet: who is what thou art?: biting

Me’shech   A drawing same as Mesech

Me shel e mi’ah   Jah is reconciliation: bringing peace-offering of Jah

Me she za’ beel   Delivered of God

Me shil’le mith  -  Reconciliation

Me shil’le moth   Reconciliations

Me sho’bab  -  Restored: backsliding

Me shul’lam   Reconciled: recompensed

Me shul’le meth   Reconciliation

Me so’ba ite   The one set up of Jah

Mes o po ta’mi a   Exalted

Mes si’ah   The anointed

Mes si’as   Greek for Messiah

Me theg am’mah  -  The bridle of a cubit

Me thu’sa el   They died enquiring: they died who are of God: man who is of

  -  God

Me thu’se lah  -  They died - the dart: man of the dart

Me u’nim   same as Mehunim

Mez’a hab  -  Waters of gold

Mi’a min  -  From the right hand

Mib’har  -  Choicest

Mib’sam  -  Fragrant

Mib’zar  -  A fortress

Mi’cah   Who is like Jehovah?

Mi ca’iah  -  Who is as Jehovah?

Mi’cha   Who is like Jehovah?

Mi’cha el  -  Who is as God?

Mi’ chah  -  same as Micah

Mi cha’iah  -  Who is like Jehovah?

Mi’chal  -  A brook: or possibly contraction of Michael

Mich’mas   Treasury: poverty was melted: poverty of servile work

Mich’mash  -  Poverty was felt: poverty has departed

Mich’me thah  -  The poverty of the dead: the poverty of the reward

Mich’ri  -  My price

Mich’tam   The poverty of the perfect: (blood) staining (i.e., deep dyeing)

Mid’din  -  From judgment: judging

Mid’i an  -  Contention: strife

Mid’i an ites   gentilic of Midian

Mid’i an i tish  Pertaining to Midian

Mig’da lel   Tower of God

Mig’dal gad  -  Tower of Gad

Mig’dol  -  A tower

Mig’ron  -  Hurling down

Mij’a min   From the right hand

Mik’loth  -  Sprouts: triflings

Mik ne’iah  -  Acquisition of Jehovah

Mil a la’i  -  My utterances

Mil’cah  -  A queen

Mil’com  -  Reigning

Mi le’tum   Cared for

Mi le’tus  -  Cared for

Mil’lo  -  A fill (earthwork)

Mi ni’a min  -  From the right hand

Min’ni  -  From me

Min’nith  -  Apportionment (or literally “from-me-dom”)

Miph’kad  -  Muster: apportionment

Mir’i am  -  Their rebellion

Mir’ma  -  Deceit

Mis’gab  -  A high place

Mish’a el  -  Who is what God is?

Mi’shal  -  Enquiry

Mi’sham  -  Their regarding: their cleansing

Mi’she al  -  same as Mishal

Mish’ma  -  A hearing: (i.e., a report - what is heard)

Mish man’nah   Fattening

Mish’pat  -  Judgment

Mish’ra ites  -  Touching evil (as removing, or drawing out)

Mis pe’reth  -  Enumerator

Mis’re photh ma’im   Burnings of waters

Mith’cah  -  Sweetness

Mith’nite  -  An athlete (literally, he of loins): a giver

Mith’re dath   Remainder of law: searching out of law

Mi ty le’ne  -  Curtailed (?)

Mi’zar  -  Little

Miz’pah  -  Watch-tower

Miz’par  -  A number

Miz’peh  -  A watch-tower

Miz ra’im   Double straitness

Miz’zah  -  From sprinkling

Mna’son (Na’son)   Solicitor: the number is safe

Mo’ab  -  From father: what father’?

Mo’ab ites  -  patronymic and gentilic of Moab

Mo’ab i tess   feminine of Moabite

Mo’ab i tish  -  pertaining to Moab

Mo a di’ah  -  The set time of Jah

Mo la’dah   Birth: bringing forth

Mo’lech  -  The king (it always has the article, and is vocalized the same as

  -  “bosheth,” which some think is to denote “shame”)

Mo’lid  -  Causing to bring forth

Mo’loch  -  A king

Mo’ras thite   gentilic of Moresheth Gath

Mor’de cai  -  Bitterness of my oppressed

Mo’reh  -  Teacher: former rain

Mor’esh eth gath  -  Possession of Gath

Mo ri’ah  -  My teacher is Jah: seen of Jah

Mo se’ra  -  Bondage

Mo se’roth  -  Bonds

Mo’ses  -  Drawing out

Mo’za  -  A going forth

Mo’zah  -  Wringing out

Mup’pim  -  Shakings: wavings

Mu’shi   My yielding: my departure: depart thou

Mu’shites   patronymic of Mushi

Muth lab’ben   The death of the son

My’ra  -  Myrrh: myrtle juice

My’sia  -  Closure: abomination

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