Letter L

J. B. Jackson

A Dictionary of Proper Bible Names

La’a dah  -  For adornment

La’a dan  -  For their adornment

La’ban  -  White

La’chish  -  Walk of a man

La’el  -  Unto God

La’had  -  Towards exultant shout

La ha’i ro i  -  Unto the living (one) seeing me

Lah’mam   To the violent: their bread

Lah’mi  -  My bread

La’ish  -  To knead (reading of some copies in 2 Sam. 3:15)

La’ish (2)   A lion

La’kum  -  The rising up

La’ma  -  Why?

La’mech  -  Why thus with thee?: unto bringing low

La od i ce’a  -  The people’s rights

La od i ce’ans  -  gentilic of Laodicea

Lap’i doth  -  Torches: unto the calamities

La se’a  -  Shaggy

La’sha  -  Unto blindness (by covering the eyes)

La sha’ron  -  Unto Sharon (see Sharon)

Lat’in  -  Of Rome’s strength

Laz’ar us   Greek for Eleazar

Le’ah  -  Weary

Le an’noth  -  To affliction

Leb’a na  -  Whiteness: the moon

Leb’a nah  -  Whiteness: the moon

Leb’an on  -  Whiteness

Leb’a oth   Lionesses

Leb bae’us  -  A laver (?)

Le bo’nah  -  Frankincense (from its whitness)

Le’cah  -  Go thou

Le’ha bim  -  Flames: blades (as glittering)

Le’hi  -  Cheek: jawbone

Lem’u el  -  Unto God

Le’shem  -  Unto desolation

Le tu’shim  -  Sharpened ones: hammered ones

Le um’mim  -  Peoples (as massed together)

Le’vi  -  Joined

Le vi’a than  -  A coiled animal: their burrowing: their union

Le’vite  -  patronymic of Levi

Le vit’i cal  -  Concerning Levi

Li’ber tines  -  Freedmen

Lib’nah  -  Whiteness

Lib’ni  -  My whiteness

Lib’nites  -  patronymic of Libni

Lib’y a (1)  -  Afflicted

Lib’y a (2)   perhaps Greek for preceding or possibly “weeping”

Lib’yans (1)   Empty-hearted (Dan. 11:43)

Lib’yans (2)   gentilic of Libya (1) (Jer. 46:9)

Li’gure  -  same as Leshem

Lik’hi  -  My doctrine

Li’nus  -  Linen

Lo am’mi   Not my people

Lod  -  Travail: to bear

Lo de’bar   Not a word (i.e., nothing)

Lo’is  -  No standard-bearer: no flight

Lord (in small caps.)  -  Jehovah: occasionally “Jah”

Lord  -  Master, rarely used as a divine title, save when in connection with

  -  God

Lo ru ha’mah   Not shown mercy

Lot  -  A wrapping

Lo’tan  -  Their covering

Lu’bim-s  -  same as Libyans (2)

Lu’cas  -  A light: white

Lu’ci fer  -  Howling: shining one

Lu’ci us  -  Light: bright: white

Lud  -  To the firebrand: travailing

Lu’dim  -  To the firebrands: travailings

Lu’hith  -  Tabular: pertaining to the table

Luke  -  same as Lucas

Luz  -  Perverse

Lye a o’ni a  -  Wolfish (?)

Ly’ci a  -  Wolfish

Lyd’da  -  Travail

Lyd’i a  -  To firebrand: travailing

Lyd’i ans  -  plural of Lydia

Ly sa’ni as  -  Relaxing sadness

Ly’si as  -  Releaser

Lys’tra  -  Ransoming

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