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Letter J

J. B. Jackson

A Dictionary of Proper Bible Names

Ja’a kan  -  Let him oppress them

Ja ak’o bah  -  He will seek to overreach

Ja a’la  -  A wild goat (as climber)

Ja a’lah  -  A wild goat (ibex)

Ja a’lam  -  He will hide

Ja’a nai  -  He will give my answers

Ja ar e or’e gim   Forests of the weavers

Ja’a sau  -  They will make him: they will perform

Ja a’si el  -  It will be done of God

Ja az a ni’ah   Jehovah will give ear

Ja a’zer  -  Let him help

Ja a zi’ah   He will be strengthened of Jehovah

Ja a’zi el  -  He will be strengthened of God

Ja’bal  -  A stream

Jab’bok  -  He will empty out

Ja’besh  -  Dry

Ja’besh gil’e ad   see Gilead

Ja’bez  -  Whiteness swept away: mire swept away: shovel of mire

Ja’bin  -  He will understand

Jab’ne el  -  God will build

Jab’neh  -  He will cause to build

Ja’chan  -  Let him make trouble

Ja’chin  -  He will establish

Ja’chin ites  -  patronymic of Jachin

Ja’cinth  -  Hyacinth: blue

Ja’cob  -  He will take by the heel

Ja’da  -  The knower (i.e. the one who knows)

Ja’dau  -  My loves

Jad’du a  -  Knowing

Ja’don  -  He will strive (or judge)

Ja’el  -  Ibex (a mountain goat)

Ja’gur  -  He will sojourn

Jah  -  A contraction of Jehovah, used in the sense of Victor

Ja’hath  -  He will snatch away: union

Ja’haz  -  Trodden down

Ja ha’za  -  To the treading down: treading down place

Ja ha’zah  -  Same as Jahaza

Ja ha zi’ah  -  Jah will see

Ja ha’zi el  -  God will cause to see

Jah’da i  -  Whom he will place

Jah’di el  -  He will be gladdened of God

Jah’do  -  His enmity

Jah’le el  -  The hope of God

Jah’le el ites   patronymic of Jahleel

Jah’ma i  -  He will be my defences: he will be my conceivings

Jah’zah  -  same as Jahazah

Jah’ze el  -  God will divide (apportion)

Jah’ze el ites   patronymic of Jahzeel

Jah’ze rah  -  He will lead to the crown: he will be narrow-eyed

Jah’zi el  -  He will be divided of God

Ja’ir  -  He will stir up (1 Chr. 20:5)

Ja’ir (2)  -  He will enlighten

Ja’i rite  -  patronymic of Jair (2)

Ja i’rus  -  Greek for Jair (2)

Ja’kan  -  same as Jaakan

Ja’keh  -  He shall be cleared: he will be obedient: he will be pious

Ja’kim   He will set up

Ja’lon  -  He will abide

Jam’bres   Foamy healer (?)

James  -  Greek form of Jacob

Ja’min  -  The right hand

Ja’min ites  -  patronymic of Jamin

Jam’lech  -  Let him reign

Jan’na  -  He oppressed (?)

Jan’nes  -  He vexed: he oppressed

Ja no’ah  -  He will give rest

Ja no’hah   He will lead to rest

Ja’num  -  He will slumber

Ja’pheth  -  Let him spread out

Ja phi’a  -  Causing brightness

Japh’let  -  Let him escape

Japh’le ti   patronymic of Japhlet

Ja’pho  -  To be fair to him

Ja’rah  -  Honey-wood: honeycomb

Ja’reb  -  Let him contend

Ja’red  -  A descender

Jar e si’ah  -  Honey which is of Jah

Jar’ha  -  The month of sweeping away (?)

Ja’rib  -  He will contend

Jar’muth  -  He will be lifted up: elevation

Ja ro’ah  -  To lunate (shine as the moon)

Ja’shen  -  Asleep

Ja’sher  -  Righteous

Ja sho’be am  -  The people will return

Ja’shub  -  He will return

Jash’ u bi le’hem  -  He will be restorer of bread (or of war)

Ja’shub ites   patronymic of Jashub

Ja’si el  -  same as Jaasiel

Ja’son  -  Healer (?)

Jas’per  -  He will be made bare: he will be made prominent

Jath’ni el   He will be hired of God

Jat’tir  -  Excellent: he will search out

Ja’van  -  The effervescing (one): mired

Ja’zer  -  same as Jaazer

Ja’ziz  -  He will cause to abound

Je’ar im  -  Forests

Je at’e rai  -  My profits: my steps: my remainders

Je ber e chi’ah  -  Whom Jehovah will bless

Je’bus  -  He will be trodden down

Jeb’u si  -  same as Jebusites

Jeb’u sites  -  gentilic of Jebus

Jec a mi’ah  -  Jah will establish: let Jah arise

Jech o li’ah  -  The prevailing of Jehovah

Jech o ni’as  -  Greek form of Jeconiah

Jec o li’ah  -  The prevailing of Jah

Jec o ni’ah  -  Jehovah will establish

Je da’iah  -  Praise thou Jah (1 Chr. 4:17; Neh. 3:10)

Je da’iah (2)   Know thou Jah

Je di’a el  -  Will be made known of God

Je di’dah  -  Beloved

Jed i di’ah  -  Beloved of Jah

Jed’u thun  -  Let them give praise

Je e’zer  -  Helpless: coast of help

Je e’zer ites   Patronymic of Jeezer

Je’gar sa ha du’tha   Heap of witness

Je ha le’le el   He will praise God

Je hal’e lel  -  same as Jehaleleel

Jeh dei’ah  -  He will be gladdened of Jehovah

Je hez’e kel  -  God shall strengthen

Je hi’ah  -  Jah shall save alive

Je hi’el  -  God shall save alive (2 Chr. 29:14)

Je hi’el (2)  -  Swept away of God

Je hi’e li  -  patronymic of Jehiel (1)

Je hiz ki’ah  -  i.q. Hezekiah

Je ho’a dah  -  Jehovah is adornment

Je ho ad’dan   Jehovah their adornment

Je ho’a haz  -  Jehovah is taker-hold

Je ho’ash   Jehovah hath founded

Je ho’ha nan   Jehovah is gracious giver

Je hoi’a chin   Jehovah will establish

Je hoi’a da  -  Jehovah is knower

Je hoi’a kim   Jehovah will set up

Je hoi’a rib  -  Jehovah will contend

Je hon’a dab   Jehovah is willing giver

Je hon’a than  -  Jehovah is giver

Je ho’ram  -  Jehovah is exalted

Je ho shab’e ath   Jehovah’s oath

Je hosh’a phat   Jehovah is judge

Je hosh’e ba   Jehovah is an oath

Je hosh’u a  -  Jehovah is salvation

Je hosh’u ah   Jehovah is salvation

Je ho’vah   He is, he was (there are but two tenses in Hebrew, viz., the past,

  -  and the future; the latter denoting what is continued even in the

  -  present)

Je ho’vah ji’reh   Jehovah will see (provide)

Je ho’vah nis’si   Jehovah my banner

Je ho’vah roph’i   Jehovah healing

Je ho’vah sha’lom   Jehovah is peace

Je ho’vah sham’mah  -  Jehovah is there

Je ho’vah tsid ke’nu  -  Jehovah our righteousness

Je hoz’a bad   Jehovah is endower

Je hoz’a dak   Jehovah is the righteous (one)

Je’hu  -  He shall be (subsist)

Je hub’bah  -  He was hidden

Je hu’cal  -  Jehovah will prevail: he will be prevailed over

Je’hud  -  He will be praised

Je hu’di  -  patronymic of Jehud (written also “Jew”)

Je hu di’jah  -  Jah will be praised (written also “Jewess “)

Je’hush  -  He will succor: he will assemble (or hasten)

Je i’el  -  Swept away of God

Je kab’ze el  -  He will be gathered of God

Jek a me’am   Let the people be establisheo

Jek a mi’ah  -  Let Jah arise: let Jab establish

Je ku’thi el  -  Veneration of God: preservation of God

Je mi’ma   He will spoil (mar) her

Je mu’el  -  He will be made slumber of God

Jeph’thae  -  Greek form of Jephthah

Jeph’thah  -  He will open

Je phun’neh   He will be turned (prepared)

Je’rah  -  Lunar

Je rah’me el   May God show mercy

Je rah’me el ites   patronymic of Jerahmeel

Je’red  -  same as Jared

Jer’e ma i  -  Let me have promotions

Jer e mi’ah  -  Jah will cast forth

Jer e mi’as  -  Greek form of Jeremiah

Jer’e moth  -  Let there be liftings up

Jer’e my  -  same as Jeromias

Je ri’ah  -  The fear of Jehovah: Jehovah will teach

Jer’i ba i  -  My contenders

Jer’i cho  -  Let him smell it

Jer’i cho (2)   Place of fragrance: his fragrance (1 Ki. 16:34)

Je ri’el  -  May God teach

Je ri’jah  -  Teach thou, Jah

Jer’i moth  -  There shall be elevations

Je’ri oth  -  Curtains

Jer o bo’am  -  Let the people contend: he will multiply the people

Je ro’ham  -  He shall find mercy

Je rub’ba al  -  Baal will be contended (with): Baal will be taught

Je rub’be sheth   Let the shame (ful thing) contend.

Je ru’el  -  Fear ye God: taught of God

Je ru’sa lem   Dual peace shall be taught: lay (set) ye double peace

Je ru’sha   Possessed

Je ru’shah  -  Possession

Je sa’iah  -  Save thou, Jah

Je sha’iah  -  Save thou, Jah

Je sha’iah (2)  -  Save thou, Jehovah (Ezra 8:7,19)

Je sha’nah  -  Old (as if withered)

Jesh ar’e lah   Right towards God

Je sheb’e ab   Father’s dwelling

Je’sher  -  Righteous

Jesh’i mon  -  The wilderness

Je shish’ a i  -  My ancients

Je sho ha i’ah  -  He will be bowed down of Jah

Jesh’u a  -  He will save: Jehovah is salvation

Jesh’u ah   He will save: Jehovah is salvation

Jesh’u run  -  The righteous one: a little righteous

Je si’ah  -  He will be lent of Jehovah

Je sim’i el  -  He will be placed of God

Jes’se  -  My men (1 Chr. 2:13)

Jes’se (2)  -  Of him who is: my subsistences (?)

Jes’u i  -  same as Ishui, Ishuai, Isui

Jes’u ites   patronymic of Jesui

Jes’u run   same as Jeshurun

Je’sus  -  Greek form of Jehoshua

Je’ther  -  A remnant: excellence

Je’theth  -  A tent pin: nail

Jeth’lah  -  He will hang

Je’thro  -  same as Jether, which is correct spelling (Ex. 4:18)

Je’thro (2)  -  His remnant: his excellence

Je’tur  -  He will arrange: he will encircle

Je’u el  -  same as Jeiel (i.e. swept away of God)

Je’ush  -  He will succor

Je’uz  -  He will take counsel

Jew  -  same as Jehudi

Jew’ess  -  Greek feminine of Jew

Jew’ish  -  Greek derivative of Jew

Jew’ry  -  same as Jehud

Jez a ni’ah  -  Jehovah will give ear: he will prostitute (i.e., use illicitly the name

  -  of) Jehovah

Jez’e bel  -  Non-cohabitant: unchaste

Je’zer  -  Imagination: form: purpose

Je’zer ites  -  patronymic of Jezer

Je zi’ah  -  He will be sprinkled of Jah

Je’zi el  -  Let him be sprinkled of God

Jez li’ah  -  He shall pour out suitably; he will cause her to flow forth

Je zo’ar  -  Whiteness, perhaps same as Zohar

Jez ra hi’ah  -  same as Izrahiah

Jez’re el  -  It will be sown of God

Jez’re el ite-s  -  patronymic of Jezreel

Jez’re el i tess  -  feminine of Jezreelite

Jib’sam  -  He will be fragrant

Jid’laph  -  He will weep (drop)

Jim’na  -  Right-handed: he will number

Jim’nah  -  Right-handed: he will number

Jim’nites   patronymic of Jimnah

Jiph’tah  -  He shall open

Jiph’thah el  -  God will open

Jo’ab  -  Jehovah is father

Jo’ah  -  Jehovah is brother

Jo’a haz  -  same as Jehoahaz

Jo an’na  -  Jehovah is gracious giver, Greek for Jehohanan

Jo’ash  -  Jehovah has become man

Jo’ash (2)  -  Jehovah has helped (1 Chr. 7:8-27:28)

Jo’a tham  -  Greek for Jotham

Job  -  The cry of woe: I will exclaim

Job (2)  -  He will cry (Gen. 46:13)

Jo’bab  -  He will cause crying

Joch’e bed  -  Jehovah is glorious

Jo’ed  -  Jehovah is witness

Jo’el  -  Jehovah is God

Jo e’lah  -  Let him be profitable: he will sweep away the strong

Jo e’zer  -  Jehovah is help

Jog’be hah  -  He will be elevated

Jog’li  -  He will carry me captive

Jo’ha  -  Jehovah is living: he will lead: lead thou, Jehovah

Jo ha’nan   Jehovah is gracious giver

John  -  Greek for Johanan

Joi’a da  -  same as Jehoiada

Joi’a kim  -  Jehovah will establish

Joi’a rib  -  Jehovah will contend

Jok’de am  -  Burning of the people: let the people kindle

Jo’kim   The arising of Jehovah

Jok’me am  -  He will establish the people

Jok’ne am  -  The people will be purchased: the people will be lamented

Jok’shan  -  Their snare

Jok’tan  -  He will be made small

Jok’the el   Absolved of God: or perhaps i.q. Jekuthiel

Jo’na  -  Greek for Jonah

Jon’a dab   Jehovah is willing giver

Jo’nah  -  A dove

Jo’nan  -  Greek for Johanan

Jo’nas  -  Greek for Jonah

Jo’nath e’lem re cho’kim   The dove of silence among strangers (literally the dove of silence

  -  of  distances)

Jon’a than  -  Jehovah is giver

Jop’pa  -  Fair to him (same as Japho)

Jo’rah  -  Let him teach

Jo’ra i  -  My early rains: my teachers

Jo’ram  -  Jehovah has exalted

Jor’dan  -  Their descent

Jo’rim  -  Greek for Joram

Jor ko’am  -  The people will be spread out: the people will be lean

Jos’a bad   Jehovah is bestower

Jos’a phat  -  Greek for Jehoshaphat

Jo’se  -  same as Joses

Jos’e dech  -  Jehovah is the righteous one

Jo’seph  -  Let him add

Jo’seph (2)  -  Add thou Jehovah (Ps. 81:5)

Jo’ses  -  Greek for Josiah

Jo’shah  -  He will be prospered: let him subsist: he will be made wise

Josh’a phat  -  Jehovah is judge

Josh a vi’ah   He will be prospered of Jah: may Jah sustain him

Josh bek’a shah   Dwelling in hardness

Jo sheb bas’se bet   Sitting in the seat (2 Sam. 23:8, marg.)

Josh’u a  -  same as Jehoshua

Jo si’ah  -  He will be sustained of Jehovah

Jo si’as  -  Greek for Josiah

Jos i bi’ah  -  Jah will make to dwell

Jos i phi’ah  -  Jah will add

Jot’bah  -  She was good

Jot’bath  -  Place of goodness

Jot’ba thah  -  Place of goodness

Jo’tham  -  Jehovah is perfect

Joz’a bad   same as Josabad

Joz’a char  -  Jehovah is rememberer

Joz’a dak   Jehovah is the righteous (one)

Ju’bal  -  He will be carried

Ju’cal  -  He will be made able

Ju’da  -  Greek for Judah

Ju dae’a  -  Land of Judah

Ju’dah  -  He shall be praised

Ju’das  -  Greek for Judah

Ju’das is car’i ot   see Judas and Iscariot

Jude  -  same as Judas

Ju de’a  -  Land of Judah

Ju’dith  -  Jewish: Jews’ language

Ju’li a  -  feminine of Julius

Ju’li us  -  Downy: hairy

Ju’ni a  -  Youthful (if Latin): continue thou, Jah

Ju’pi ter  -  Through (with the idea of first cause)

Ju shab’he sed   Mercy shall be restored

Just’us  -  Just

Jut’tah  -  He will be turned aside (or extended)

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