Letter I

J. B. Jackson

A Dictionary of Proper Bible Names

Ib’har  -  He will choose

Ib’le am  -  He will swallow them: he will swallow the people

Ib nei’ah  -  Jah will build

Ib ni’jah  -  He will be built of Jah

Ib’ri  -  A Hebrew (literally one who has crossed)

Ib’zan  -  Their whitness (literally their tin - as white)

Ich’a bod   Woe (where?), the glory

I co’ni um  -  The comer: image-like: yielding

Id’a lah  -  He will fly to her: hand of imprecation

Id’bash  -  Hand of shame: honeyed

Id’do  -  I will praise him (Ezra 8:17, 1 Ch. 27:21)

Id’do (2)  -  His appointment: he will adorn him (2 Chr. 9:29)

Id’do (3)  -  Due time: adorn him

Id u mae’a  -  same as Idumea

I du me’a   same as Edom

I’gal  -  He will redeem

Ig da li’ah  -  Jehovah will wax great

Ig’e al  -  same as Igal

I’im  -  Heaps (of ruins)

I je ab’a rim   Heaps of the regions beyond or of “those who have crossed”

I’jon  -  Ruinous

Ik’kesh  -  Perverse

I’la i  -  My elevations: my sucklings

Il lyr’i cum  -  The lyric band (?)

Im’la  -  He will fulfil

Im’lah  -  He will fulfil

Im man’u el   With us is God

Im’mer  -  He hath said

Im’na  -  He will withhold

Im’nah  -  Right-handed: the right side: he will number

Im’rah  -  He will rebel

Im’ri  -  My saying

In’di a  -  Flee ye away: give ye thanks

Iph e de i’ah   Jah will redeem

Ir  -  A city

I’ra  -  Wakeful: a city

I’rad  -  A wild ass: city of witness (?)

I’ram  -  Their city

I’ri  -  My city

I ri’jah  -  Fear thou Jah: Jah will see me

Ir na’hash  -  City of the serpent

I’ron  -  Tearful

Ir’pe el  -  God will heal

Ir she’mesh   City of the Sun

I’ru  -  They were awake: awake ye

I’sa ac  -  He shall laugh

I’sa ac (2)  -  He will laugh (in mockery) (Ps. 105:9; Jer. 33:26; Amos 7:9,16)

I sa’iah  -  Save thou Jehovah

Is’cah  -  He will pour her out: he will anoint her: he will screen her

Is car’i ot   He will be hired: a man of the cities (?)

Ish’bah  -  He will praise

Ish’bak  -  He will leave (alone)

Ish bi be’nob   His dwelling is in Nob

Ish bo’sheth   Man of shame

I’shi  -  My husband (literally “my man”) (Hos. 2:16)

I’shi (2)  -  My salvation

I shi’ah  -  Jah will lend: forgotten of Jah

I shi’jah  -  same as Ishiah

Ish’ma  -  Desolation

Ish’ma el   God will hear

Ish’ma el ite-s  -  patronymic of Ishmael

Ish ma i’ah  -  Jehovah will hear

Ish’me el ites  -  same as Ishmaelites

Ish’me rai  -  They will be my keepers

I’shod  -  Man of glory

Ish’pan  -  He will make them prominent: he will lay them bare

Ish’tob  -  Good man

Ish’u ah  -  He shall equalize

Ish’u ai  -  He will justify me

Ish’u i  -  same as Ishuai

Is ma chi’ah   Jehovah will uphold

Is ma i’ah  -  Jah will hear

Is’pah  -  He will be prominent: he will lay bare

Is’ra el  -  He shall be prince of God

Is’ra el ites  -  patronymic of Israel

Is’ra el i tish   feminine of Israel

Is’sa char  -  He will be hired: there is reward: he will bring reward

Is shi’ah  -  same as Ishiah

Is’u ah  -  same as Ishuah

Is’u i  -  same as Ishuai

It al’i an  -  gentilic of Italy

It’a ly  -  Vituline (i.e., calf-like)

Ith’a i  -  With me

Ith’a mar   Palm-coast

Ith’i el  -  With me is God

Ith’mah  -  Orphanage: orphanhood

Ith’nan  -  He will hire them: he will stretch out

Ith’ra  -  Abundance: excellence

Ith’ran  -  Their abundance: their excellence

Ith’re am   Abundance (or remnant) of the people

Ith’rites  -  patronymic of Jether

It’tah ka’zin   To the due time of the prince

It’ta i  -  With me

I tu rae’a   Past the limits: or possibly same as Jetur

I’vah  -  He is a perverter

Iz’e har  -  Oil

Iz’e har ites   patronymic of Izebar

Iz’har  -  same as Izehar

Iz’har ites  -  same as Izeharites

Iz ra hi’ah  -  Jah will arise (as the sun)

Iz’ra hite   He will arise

Iz’ri  -  My imagination: my thought

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