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Letter H

J. B. Jackson

A Dictionary of Proper Bible Names

Ha a hash’ta ri   gentilic of an unknown base, meaning “I will diligently observe the searching”

Hab a i’ah  -  Hidden of Jah

Ha’bak kuk  -  Ardently embraced

Hab az in i’ah  -  The hiding of Jah’s thorn

Ha’bor  -  To join

Hach a li’ah  -  The waiting on Jah

Hach’i lah  -  Darkness: the waiting of faintness: waiting for her

Hach’mo ni  -  Of the wise one: I was wise

Hach’mon ite  -  same as Hachmoni

Ha’dad (1)  -  I shall move softly: I shall love (1 Ki 11:17)

Ha’dad (2)  -  Noisy

Ha’dad (3)  -  Sharp (1 Chr. 1:30)

Had ad e’zer   Noisy helper

Ha dad rim’mon   Sound of the pomegranate

Ha’dar  -  Honour

Ha’dar  -  Privy chamber (in Gen. 25:18)

Had ar e’zer   Honour of the helper

Had’a shah  -  Renewal

Ha das’sah  -  The myrtle

Ha dat’tah  -  Sharpness: newness

Ha’did   Making sharp

Had’la i  -  My forbearings

Ha do’ram  -  Their honour

Ha’drach   Thy privy chamber

Ha’gab  -  Locust: grasshopper

Hag’a ba  -  same as Hagabah

Hag’a bah  -  feminine of Hagab

Ha’gar  -  Ensnaring: the sojourner

Ha gar enes’   masculine plural of Hagar

Ha’gar ites  -  same as Hagarenes

Ha’ger ite  -  singular of Hagarites

Hag’ga i  -  My feasts

Hag’ge ri   same as Hagerite

Hag’gi  -  My feast

Hag gi’ah   A feast of Jah

Hag’gites   gentilic of Haggi

Hag’gith  -  Festivity

Ha’i  -  same as Ai, with article; “the heap”

Hak’ka tan  -  The small

Hak’koz  -  The thorn

Ha ku’pha  -  Decree of the month

Ha’lah  -  Painful: fresh anguish

Ha’lak  -  Smooth

Hal’hul  -  Travail-pain

Ha’li  -  An ornament

Hal le lu’iah  -  Praise ye Jah

Hal lo’hesh  -  The charmer

Hal o’hesh  -  same as Hallohesh

Ham  -  Tumult: he raged (in Gen. 14:5)

Ham (2)  -  Hot (the same form is rendered “father-in-law”)

Ha’man  -  The rager: their tumult

Ha’math  -  Enclosure of wrath

Ha’math ite   gentilic of Hamath

Ha’math zo’bah   The swelling host’s enclosure of wrath

Ham’math  -  Hot place

Ham med’a tha   Measurement

Ham’me lech  -  The king

Ham mol’e keth   The queen (literally, the she did reign)

Ham’mon  -  Sunny(?): hot

Ham moth dor’   Hot places of the dwelling (or generation)

Ha’mon  -  see Baal-hamon

Ha mo’nah  -  Multitudinous

Ha’mon gog   The multitude of Gog

Ha’mor  -  An ass

Ham’u el  -  They were heated of God

Ha’mul  -  Pitied

Ha’mul ites  -  gentilic of Hamul

Ha mu’tal  -  Father-in-law of dew

Ha nam’e el   Place of God’s favor

Ha’nan  -  A gracious giver

Hanan’e el  -  The grace of God

Ha na’ni  -  My grace: gracious

Han a ni’ah  -  The grace of Jah

Ha’nes  -  Grace has fled: ensign of grace

Han’i el  -  Favour of God

Han’nah  -  She was gracious

Han’na thon   Graciously regarded

Han’ni el  -  same as Haniel

Ha’noch  -  Dedicated

Ha’noch ites   patronymic of Hanoch

Ha’nun  -  Favored

Haph ra’im  -  Double digging

Ha’ra  -  Mountainous

Har’a dah  -  Fear

Ha’ran  -  Their mountain (name of Lot’s father, and of a man in 1 Chr. 23:9)

Ha’ran (2)  -  Their burning

Ha’ra rite   The curser (2 Sam. 23:33)

Ha’ra rite (2)  -  A mountaineer (patronymic of Shammah)

Ha’ra rite (3)  -  My mountain (in 2 Sam. 23:11)

Har bo’na  -  Droughtiness

Har bo’nah  -  Droughtiness

Ha’reph  -  Reproachful: autumnal (?)

Ha’reth  -  The cutting (engraving)

Har ha i’ah  -  Kindled of Jah

Har’has  -  He burned, he pitied

Har’hur  -  Inflammation

Ha’rim  -  Banned: flat-nosed

Ha’riph  -  Reproach: autumnal

Har ne’pher   The frustrator burnt

Ha’rod  -  Trembling

Ha’rod ites  -  gentilic of Harod

Ha ro’eh  -  The vision

Ha’ro rite   The mountaineer

Har’o sheth  -  Carving

Har’sha  -  Artifice: deviser: secret work

Ha’rum  -  The haughty one: high

Ha ru’maph  -  Banned of nose

Ha ru’phite  -  patronymic of Hariph

Ha’ruz  -  Acute: decision: maimed: decreed

Has a di’ah  -  Shown mercy of Jah

Has e nu’ah   The thorny: the hated (this is Senuah with definite article prefixed)

Hash a bi’ah   Regarded of Jehovah

Ha shab’nah   Inventiveness: the device was lamented

Hash ab ni’ah  -  The devising of Jah

Hash bad’a na   He hasted in the judgment: considerate in the judgment

Ha’shem  -  To make desolate

Hash mo’nah  -  He hasted the numbering

Hash’ub  -  Considerate

Hash u’bah  -  Consideration

Ha’shum  -  The desolate hasted

Hash u’pha  -  Stripped

Has’rah  -  She was lacking

Has’sen a’ah   The thorn-bush

Has’shub   same as Hashub

Has u’pha  -  same as Hashupha

Ha’tach  -  Why wilt thou smite

Ha’thath  -  Dismay; casting down

Ha ti’pha   Seizure

Ha ti’ta  -  My sin removed: a digging

Hat’til  -  Sin cast out

Hat’tush  -  Sin was hasted

Hau’ran  -  Their whiteness

Hav’i lah  -  Anguish (as travail-pain)

Ha’voth ja’ir   Villages of Jair (perhaps “producers of Jair,” the first part being

  -  feminine plural of “life,” hence “lives,” “living places,”

  -  “producers.”)

Ha’za el  -  Seen of God

Ha za i’ah  -  Seen of Jah

Ha’zar ad’dar  -  Enclosure of glory

Ha zar e’nan   Enclosure of the one with eyes (Ezek. 47:17)

Ha zar e’nan (2)   Enclosure of their fountain

Hazar gad’dah   Enclosure of conflict: enclosure of fortune

Ha zar hat’ti con   The middle enclosure

Ha zar ma’veth   Enclosure of death

Ha zar shu’al   Enclosure of the jackal

Ha zar su’sah  -  Mare enclosure

Ha zar su’sim  -  Enclosure of horses

Ha’za zon ta’mar  -  Pruning of the palm: division of the palm

Haz’el el po’ni   The shadow turned towards me

Haz’ e rim  -  Enclosures

Haz’e roth  -  Enclosures (feminine)

Haz’e zon ta’mar  -  Archer of the palm tree (?): same as Hazazon-tamar

Ha’zi el  -  Vision of God

Ha’zo  -  His vision: seen of him

Ha’zor  -  To trumpet: enclosure

Ha’zor had at’tah   Enclosure of rejoicing: new enclosure, or possibly “trumpeting of

  -  joy: trumpeting anew”

He’ber  -  A company: enchantment

He’ber (2)  -  same as Eber (in 1 Chr. 5:13-8:22)

He’ber ites  -  patronymic of Heber (1)

He’brew-s  -  patronymic of Eber – an Eberite

He’brew ess   same as Hebrew (feminine)

He’bron  -  Communion

He’bron (2)  -  One who has crossed (in Josh. 19:28)

He’bron ites   patronymic of Hebron (1)

He’ga i  -  My meditations

He’ge  -  Meditation

He’lah  -  Disease: rust: scum

He’lam  -  Their rampart: their force

Hel’bah  -  Fatness

Hel’bon  -  The fat one

Hel’da i  -  My times

He’leb  -  The fat

He’led  -  The age

He’lek  -  A portion

He’lek ites  -  patronymic of Helek

He’lem  -  Smiter (in 1 Chr. 7:35)

He’lem (2)  -  A dream: robust

He’leph  -  Exchange

He’lez  -  Stripped (as for battle)

He’li  -  Greek for Eli

Hel’ka i  -  My portions

Hel’kath  -  A possession

Hel’kath haz zu’rim   Possession of the besieger

He’lon  -  Travail-stricken: rampart: very strong

He’mam  -  Crushed: crusher

He’man  -  Right-handed: faithful

He’math  -  same as Hamath

Hem’dan   Their desire

Hen  -  Favor: grace

He’na  -  The shaken

Hen’a dad  -  Favor of Hadad

He’noch  -  same as Enoch and Hanoch

He’pher  -  A pit: shame

He’pher ites   patronymic of Hepher

Heph’zi bah   My delight is in her

He’res  -  The sun

He’resh  -  An artificer

Her’mas  -  Sand bank: the word is also Doric for Hermes

Her’mes  -  Bringer of good luck: teacher for gain

Her mog’e nes   Lucky-born

Her’mon  -  Devoted: banned

Her’mon ites   masculine plural and gentilic of Hermon

Her’od  -  Heroic

He ro’di ans   gentilic of Herod

He ro’di as  -  feminine of Herod

He ro’di on  -  Valiant

He’sed  -  Mercy

Hesh’bon   Device: reason

Hesh’mon  -  Quiet reckoning (?): hasting the separation

Heth  -  Terror

Heth’lon  -  Swaddled

Hez’ek i  -  My strong (one)

Hez e ki’ah  -  Strengthened of Jehovah

He’zi on  -  The vision

He’zir  -  Swine

Hez’ra i  -  His enclosure

Hez’ra i (2)  -  My enclosures (another reading in 2 Sam. 23:35)

Hez’ro  -  His court (correct spelling of Hezrai (1))

Hez’ron  -  Enclosed: arrow of song: division of song

Hez’ron ites   patronymic of Hezron

Hid’da i  -  My noises: my echoes

Hid’de kel  -  Riddle of the (date) palm: riddle of lightness

Hi’el  -  The life of God

Hi e rap’o lis   Temple city

Hig ga’ion  -  Meditation

Hi’len  -  Pain them

Hil ki’ah  -  The portion of Jehovah

Hil’lel  -  To be praised

Hin’nom  -  To make self drowsy: behold them

Hi’rah  Paleness: hollowness

Hi’ram  -  Their paleness

Hit’tite-s   patronymic of Heth

Hi’vites  -  Showers of life: livers

Hiz ki’ah  -  Strengthened of Jehovah (same as Hezekiah)

Hiz ki’jah   Strengthened of Jehovah (same as Hezekiah)

Ho’bab  -  Loving: a lover

Ho’bah  -  Hiding: affectionate

Hod  -  Glory

Ho da i’ah  -  another form of Hodaviah

Ho da vi’ah  -  His glory is Jehovah

Ho’desh  -  The month (as marked by the new moon)

Ho de’vah  -  Glory of Jah

Ho di’ah  -  My glory is Jah

Ho di’jah  -  My glory is Jah

Hog’lah  -  The feast has languished

Ho’ham  -  Alas, he crushed

Ho’lon  -  Anguished: sandy

Ho’mam  -  Crushed

Hoph’ni  -  My fist: fisty

Hoph’ra  -  To cover evil

Hor  -  Progenitor

Ho’ram  -  Their progenitor

Ho’reb  -  A waster

Ho’rem  -  Banned

Hor ha gid’gad   The slashing hole

Ho’ri  -  My cave: my whiteness: my noble: cave-ite

Ho’rims  -  patronymic of Hori

Ho’rites  -  patronymic of Hori

Hor’mah  -  Destruction

Hor o na’im  -  Double cave

Hor’o nite  -  Troglodite: gentilic of Horonaim or of Beth-horon

Ho’sah  -  Trusting

Ho san’nah  -  Save, I beseech thee

Ho se’a  -  To save

Ho sha i’ah  -  Saved of Jah

Ho sha’mah   Jehovah is hearer

Ho she’a  -  To save - same as Hosea

Ho’tham  -  A signet

Ho’than  -  incorrect spelling of Hotham

Ho’thir  -  A surplus

Huk’kok  -  The law (as graven, or appointed)

Hu’kok  -  The engraving

Hul  -  To have pain

Hul’dah  -  A weasel: perpetuity

Hum’tah  -  Lowliness: place of lizards

Hu’pham   Their covering

Hu’pham ites  -  patronymic of Hupham

Hup’pah  -  A covering

Hup’pim  -  Coverings

Hur  -  A hole: white

Hu’ra i  -  My caves: my white (stuffs)

Hu’ram  -  Their whiteness

Hu’ri  -  My whiteness: my cave

Hu’shah  -  Haste

Hu’sha i  -  My hastenings

Hu’sham  -  Their haste

Hu’shath ite   patronymic of Hushah

Hu’shim  -  Hasters

Huz  -  Counsellor

Huz’zab  -  He was established

Hy me nae’us  -  A wedding gong

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