Letter G

J. B. Jackson

A Dictionary of Proper Bible Names

Ga’al  -  Loathing

Ga’ash  -  Shaking

Ga’ba  -  Elevation

Gab’ba i  -  My eminences: my convexities

Gab’ba tha  -  The high place

Ga’bri el  -  Man of God (i.e., man in the sense of prevailer)

Gad  -  An invader: a troop: fortune

Gad a ranes’   Reward at the end (meaning of best supported reading)

Gad’di   My invader: my troop: my fortune

Gad’di el  -  My fortune is God

Ga’di  -  patronymic of Gad

Gad’ites  -  patronymic of Gad

Ga’ham  -  The valley was lost: the devastator waxed hot

Ga’har  -  The valley burned

Ga’ius  -  On earth

Ga’lal  -  A roller (i.e., one who rolls): because of

Ga la’tia  -  Milky (?)

Ga la’tians  -  gentilic of Galatia

Gal ba’num  -  The best (i.e., the fat) lamenting: a fortress built

Gal’e ad  -  A heap of witness

Gal i lae’an-s   gentilic of Galilee

Gal i le’an-s   gentilic of Galilee

Gal’i lee  -  A circuit (as enclosed, or rolled around)

Gal’lim  -  Billows (as heaps of water)

Gal’li o  -  A priest of Cybele: a eunuch (?)

Gam a’li el  -  My recompenser is God

Gam’ma dims   Cutters: additional garments

Ga’mul  -  Weaned: recompensed

Ga’reb  -  Scabby

Gar’mite  -  Bony (as strong)

Gash’mu  -  His rain

Ga’tam  -  Reach thou the end: their touch

Gath  -  A wine-press

Gath heph’er   see Hepher

Gath rim’mon  -  Wine-press of the pomegranate

Ga’za  -  She was strong

Ga’zath ites   gentilic of Gaza

Ga’zer  -  A piece: portion (cut off)

Ga’zez  -  Shearer

Ga’zites  -  same as Gazathites

Gaz’zam  -  Palmer-worm – literally their shearing

Ge’ba  -  same as Gaba

Ge’bal  -  A boandary

Ge’ber  -  A man (as mighty), see Gabriel

Ge’bim  -  Ditches: beams: locusts

Ged a li’ah  -  Magnified of Jehovah

Ged’e on  -  Greek for Gideon

Ge’der  -  A wall

Ged’e rah   A fold (for sheep)

Ged’e rath ite  -  gentilic of Geder

Ged’e rite  -  gentilic of Geder

Ged’e roth  -  Sheep-cotes

Ged er oth a’im   Double sheep-cote

Ge’dor  -  The walling in

Ge ha’zi  -  Valley of my vision

Ge hen’na  -  Hell (from “the valley of Hinnom,” see Hinnom)

Gel’il oth  -  Circles: borders

Ge mal’li  -  My camel: camelish

Gem a ri’ah  -  Completed of Jah

Gen’e sis   Generation: beginning

Gen nes’a ret  -  Greek for Chinnereth

Gen’tiles  -  Nations

Ge nu’bath  -  Theft

Ge’ra  -  The cud: a grain: sojourning

Ge’rah  -  One twentieth of a shekel

Ge’rar  -  Dragging away: ruminating: sojourning

Ger ge senes’  -  probably Greek for Girgashites

Ger’iz im  -  The cutters off

Ger’shom   A stranger there: a stranger desolate

Ger’shon   An outcast

Ger’shon ites  -  patronymic of Gershon

Ge’sham  -  Their clod

Ge’shem  -  Rain

Ge’shur  -  Proud beholder

Gesh’u ri  -  gentilic of Geshur

Gesh’ur ites   gentilic of Geshur

Ge’ther  -  A proud spy

Geth sem’ane  -  Oil-press place

Geu’el  -  Exalt ye God

Ge’zer  -  A piece: a portion (as cut off)

Gez’rites  -  gentilic of base of Gerizim. Some copies would make it gentilic of

  -  Gezer

Gi’ah  -  To break forth

Gib’bar  -  The valiant

Gib’be thon  -  The lofty

Gib’e a  -  A hill

Gib’e ah  -  A hill

Gib’e ath  -  Hilliness

Gib’e ath ite   gentilic of Gibeath

Gib’e on  -  Little hill: hilly

Gib’e on ite  -  gentilic of Gibeon

Gib’lites  -  gentilic of Gebal

Gid dal’ti  -  I have magnified

Gid’del  -  He has magnified

Gid’e on  -  The cutter down

Gid e o’ni   My cutter down

Gi’dom  -  A cutting down

Gi’hon   The breaking forth

Gil’a lai  -  My rolls: my dung (as rolled)

Gil bo’a  -  Boiling spring: literally rolling, pouring out

Gil’e ad  -  Heap of witness: rolling forever

Gil’e ad ite  -  gentilic of Gilead

Gil’gal  -  Rolling: a wheel

Gi’loh  -  Uncovered: stripped (as a captive)

Gi’lon ite  -  gentilic of Giloh

Gim’zo  -  Swallowing this: this is a rush (?)

Gi’nath  -  Protection: a garden (as protected)

Gin’ne tho  -  His protection: his garden

Gin’neth on  -  Protection: gardener

Gir’gash ites   A stranger drawing near (?)

Gir’ gas ite  -  same as Girgashite

Gis’pa  -  The clod breathed

Git’tah he’pher   Toward the wine-press of the digging

Git ta’im  -  The double wine-press

Git’tites  -  gentilic of Gath

Git’tith  -  feminine of Gittites

Gi’zon ite   Shearer: quarryman

Go’ath  -  Lowing

Gob  -  A locust: a pit

Gog  -  To cover: surmount: top

Go’lan  -  Their captivity: their rejoicing

Gol’ go tha  -  A skull: place of a skull

Go li’ath  -  Stripped (as a captive)

Go’mer  -  Completion

Go mor’rah  -  Bondage

Go mor’rha  -  Bondage

Go’pher  -  Coverer: pitch-wood

Go’shen  -  Drawing near

Go’zan  -  Their passing away

Gre’cia  -  Unstable: the miry one - see Javan

Gre’ci an  -  masculine plural of Grecia

Gre’ci an (in N.T.)  -  A Hellenist, or Greek-speaking Jew

Greece  -  Greek for Grecia

Greek-s  -  gentilic of Greece

Gud go’dab  -  The slashing place

Gu’ni  -  My defender (?)

Gu’nites  -  patronymic of Guni

Gur  -  To sojourn

Gur ba’al  -  Sojourn of Baal

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