Letter E

J. B. Jackson

A Dictionary of Proper Bible Names

East’er  -  The passover

E’bal  -  Heaps of nothing: heaps of confusion

E’bed  -  Servant

E’bed me’lech  -  Servant of the king

Eb en e’zer  -  The stone of help

E’ber  -  Beyond: the other side (as having crossed over)

E bi’a saph  -  Father is adder

Eb ro’na  -  Crossing place

Ec cle si as’tes   The convoker: the preacher

Ed  -  A witness

E’dar  -  A flock

E’den  -  Delight

E’der  -  A flock

E’dom  -  Red

E’dom ites  -  gentilic of Edom

Ed’re i  -  Goodly pasture

Eg’lah  -  A heifer

Eg la’im  -  Double reservoir

Eg’lon  -  A bull calf

E’gypt  -  Double straits

E gyp’tians  -  gentilic of Egypt

E’hi  -  My brother

E’hud (1)   Undivided: union (1 Chr. 8:6)

E’hud (2)   I will give thanks: I will be praised

E’ker  -  An offshoot: eradication

Ek’ron   Uprooting

Ek’ron ite   gentilic of Ekron

El’a dah  -  God has adorned

E’lah  -  A terebinth: an oak

E’lam  -  Their heaps: suckling them: eternal

E’lam ites  -  gentilic of Elam

El’a sah  -  God has wrought

E’lath  -  Mightiness: terebinth

El beth’el   God of God’s house

El da’ah  -  God has known

El’dad  -  God has loved

E’le ad  -  God is witness

El e a’leh   God is ascending

El e’a sah   same as Elasah

El e a’zar   God is helper

El e lo’he is’ra el   God the God of Israel

El’eph  -  A thousand: a disciple

El ha’nan   God is a gracious giver

E’li (1)  -  My God

E’li (2)  -  Elevated (high priest in Samuel’s time)

E li’ab  -  My God is father

E li’a da,  -  God is knower

E li’a dah   God is knower

E li’ah  -  My God is Jah

E li’ah ba   God will hide

E li’a kim  -  God will establish

E li’am  -  God of the people

E li’as  -  Greek form of Elijah

E li’a saph  -  God is adder

E li’a shib   God will restore

E li’a thah  -  God of the coming (one)

E li’dad  -  My God is lover

E’li el  -  God of might: my God is El (i.e., God)

E li e’nai  -  God of my eyes

E li e’zer  -  God of help

E li ho e’na i   Unto Jehovah mine eyes

E li ho’reph  -  God of winter (harvest-time)

E li’hu  -  God of him: my God is Jehovah

E li’jah  -  My God is Jehovah

E li’ka  -  My God has spued out

E’lim  -  Mighty ones

E lim’e lech  -  My God is king

E li o e’na i  -  Unto Jehovah mine eyes

El’i phal  -  My God has judged

E liph’a let  -  God of escape

El’i phaz  -  God of fine gold: my God has refined

E liph’e leh  -  My God, set thou apart: God of his distinction

E liph’e let  -  God of escape

E lis’a beth  -  Greek form of Elisheba

El i se’us  -  Greek form of Elisha

E li’sha  -  My God is salvation

E li’shah  -  My God has disregarded

E lish’a ma  -  My God is a hearer

E lish’a phat   My God is judge

E lish’e ba  -  God of the oath (or seven)

E lish’u a  -  God of supplication: God of opulence

E li’ud  -  God of majesty

E liz’a phan  -  My God is hider

E li’zur  -  My God is a rock

El ka’nah   God has purchased

El’ko shite  -  of the gathered of God

El la’sar  -  God is chastener

El mo’dam  -  possibly Greek for Almodad

El na’am  -  God is delight

El na’than  -  God is a giver

E’lo i  -  My God

E’lon  -  Might: see Elah and Elath; terebinth: plain

E’lon beth ha’nan   Might of the house of the gracious giver

E’lon ites   Patronymic of Elan

E’lon za an an’nim   Power of the demolitions: see Zaanannim

E’loth  -  Mightinesses: terebinths

El pa’al  -  God is maker

El pa’let  -  God is escape

El pa’ran  -  The power of their adorning

El te’keh  -  Let God spue thee out

El te’kon  -  Made straight of God

El to’lad  -  May God cause thee to beget

E’lul  -  Nothingness

E lu’za i  -  God is my gathering strength (for flight)

El’y mas  -  Wise: learned: a magician

El za’bad   God is endower

El za’phan  -  God is hider (layer up)

Em’er ald   Enameled

E’mims  -  Terror

Em man’u el   With us is God

Em’ma us  -  In earnest longing

Em’mor  -  An ass

E’nam  -  Their fountain

E’nan  -  Their fountain (feminine)

En’dor   Fountain of the dwelling

E ne’as  -  Uttering praise

En eg la’im  -  Fountain of the two calves

En gan’ nim  -  Fountain of gardens

En ge’di  -  Fountain of the kid

En had’dah  -  Fountain of joy: fount of sharpening

En hak’ko re   Fount of the caller

En ha’zor   Fountain of the village: fount of trumpeting

En mish’pat   Fount of judgment

E’noch  -  Dedicated

E’nos  -  (Mortal) man

E’nosh  -  same as Enos correctly spelled

En rim’mon  -  Fount of the pomegranate

En ro’gel  -  Fount of the spy

En she’mesh   Fount of the sun

En tap’pu ah   Fount of the apple (i.e., the breather)

E paen’e tus   same as Epenetus

Ep’aph ras  -  Foam-covered; or possibly contraction of Epaphroditus

E paph ro di’tus   Lovely: fascinating

Ep e ne’tus  -  Praiseworthy

E’phah  -  Darkness

E’phai  -  My coverings: my shadows: my fowls

E’pher   Dustiness

E’phes dam’mim  -  Limit of bloods

E phe’sian  -  gentilic of Ephesus

Eph’e sus   Full purposed: a throwing at

Eph’lal  -  I shall intercede (or judge)

E’phod  -  A (special) girdle

Eph’pha tha  -  I shall be opened.

E’phra im   Double ash-heap: I shall be doubly fruitful

E’phra im ite-s   patronymic of Ephraim

E’phra in  -  Doubly dust

Eph’ra tah  -  Ash-heap: place of fruitfulness

Eph’rath  -  Ashiness: fruitfulness

Eph’rath ite  -  gentilic of Ephrath

E’phron  -  He of dust

E pi cu re’an   A helper: defender

Er  -  Awaking: stirring up

E’ran    Their awaking: their stirring up

E’ran ites  -  patronymic of Eran

E ras’tus  -  Beloved

E’rech  -  Long

E’ri  -  My awaking: my stirring up

E’rites  -  patronymic of Eri

E sa’i as  -  Greek form of Isaiah

E sar had’don  -  Captivity of the fierce: I will chastise the fierce

E’sau  -  Shaggy: his doings

E’sek  -  Strife

Esh’ba al   Man of Baal: fire of Baal

Esh’ban  -  Fire of discernment

Esh’col  -  A cluster

Esh’e an  -  I will rely (lean)

E’shek  -  Oppression

Esh’ka lon ites  -  gentilic of Ashkelon

Esh’ta ol  -  I will be entreated

Esh’ta ul ites   gentilic of Eshtaol

Esh te mo’a   I will make myself heard

Esh’te moh  -  I shall cause my own ruin: fire of astonishment: I shall soar aloft

Esh’ton  -  Effeminate

Es’li  -  perhaps Greek for Azaliah

Es’rom  -  perhaps Greek for Hezron

Es’ther  -  I will be hidden

E’tam  -  Their ravening

E’tham  -  With them: their plowshare

E’than  -  Strength: perpetuity

Eth’a nim   plural of Ethan

Eth ba’al  -  With Baal

E’ther  -  Entreaty: abundance

E thi o’pia  -  Black

E thi o’pi an  -  gentilic of Ethiopia

Eth’nan  -  Hire of unchastity

Eth’ni  -  My hire

Eu bu’lus   Of good counsel

Eu ni’ce  -  Well-won: (literally happy victory)

Eu o’di as   A sweet smell; a good journey

Eu phra’tes  -  Fruitfulness

Eu roc’ly don   An easterly tempest

Eu’ty chus  -  Well off

Eve  -  Life giver

E’vi  -  My desire

E vil me ro’dach   Foolish is thy rebellion

E’zar  -  Treasure

Ez’ba i  -  My humblings (?)

Ez’bon  -  Hasting to discern: I will be enlargement

E ze ki’as   Greek for Hezekiah

E ze’ki el  -  He will be strengthened of God

E’zel  -  Departure

E’zem  -  same as Azem

E’zer (1)  -  same as Ezar (only in Gen. 36, and 1 Chr. 1:42)

E’zer (2)  -  A help

E’zi on ga’ber  -  Counsel of a man: backbone of a man

E’zi on ge’ber  -  Counsel of a man: backbone of a man

Ez’nite  -  The stiff backed

Ez’ra  -  Help

Ez’ra hite   A native (as arising out of the soil)

Ez’ri  -  My help

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