Letter D

J. B. Jackson

A Dictionary of Proper Bible Names

Dab’a reh   Pasture

Dab’ba sheth   Hump (of a camel): or more probably, he whispered shame

Dab’e rath  -  same as Dabareh

Da’gon  -  The fish-god (from its fecundity)

Dal a i’ah   Drawn of Jah

Dal ma nu’tha  -  Slow firebrand (if Greek): poor portion (if Hebrew)

Dal ma’ti a  -  A priestly robe (?)

Dal’phon  -  The weeper (?)

Dam’a ris   A yoke-bearing wife

Dam’as cenes’   Greek form of gentilic of Damascus

Da mas’cus  -  Silent is the sackcloth weaver

Da mas’cus  -  Sackcloth (weaver) is going about (or dwelling) (N.B., this form is in the margin Darmesek)

Dan  -  Judging: a judge

Dan’i el  -  My judge is God

Dan’ites  -  patronymic of Dan

Dan ja’an   The judge will afflict: the judge is greedy

Dan’nah  -  Thou hast judged: judgment

Da’ra  -  The arm: some read as Darda

Dar’da  -  He compassed knowledge: dwelling of knowledge

Da ri’us  -  Investigation: the dwelling will be full of heaviness

Dar’kon  -  The dwelling of lamentation

Da’than  -  Their law: their decree

Da’vid  -  Beloved

De’bir  -  An oracle

Deb’o rah   A bee: her speaking

De cap’o lis  -  Ten cities: the ten-city (region)

De’dan  -  Their love: their moving: their proceeding

De’dan  -  same as Dedan, with locative ending occurs only in Ezek. 25:13

De da’nim  -  gentilic of Dedan

De’ha vites  -  The sickly

De’kar  -  The piercer

Del a i’ah   Drawn of Jah

De li’lah  -  Brought low

De’mas  -  Of the people: popular

De me’tri us   Of mother earth

Der’be  -  Tanner: treader of skin: coverer with skin

Deu’el  -  Know ye God

Dia’mond   He will smite down

Di an’a  -  Complete light: flow restrained

Dib’la im  -  The double fig-cake

Dib’lath  -  Place of the fig-cake

Dib la tha’im   feminine of Diblaim.

Dib’on  -  The waster: sufficient understanding (?)

Di’bon Gad  -  see Gad

Dib’ri  -  My word

Did’y mus  -  Double, i.e., a twin

Dik’lah  -  Date palm: the beaten-small fainted

Dil’e an  -  The emptied beclouded (?): brought low in affiiction

Dim’nah  -  Dung hill

Di’mon  -  The quieter: silence

Di mo’nah  -  feminine of Dimon: sufficient numbering

Di’nah  -  Judgment

Di’na ites   gentilic of Dinah

Din’ha bah  -  Give thou judgment

Di o ny’sius  -  Devotee of Bacchus: devotee of the wine-press: or perhaps

  -  “divinely pricked”

Di ot’re phes   Jove-nourished

Di’shan  -  Their threshing: their treading

Di’shon  -  A thresher: the pygarg

Diz’a hab   Sufficiency of gold

Do’da i  -  My loves

Do da’nim  -  Their loves (?)

Do da’vah  -  Beloved of Jehovah

Do’do  -  His beloved

Do’eg  -  Fearful

Doph’kah   Beating (literally, thou hast beaten)

Dor  -  Generation: dwelling

Dor’cas  -  A gazelle

Do’than  -  Double decree: double sickness (Gen. 37:17)

Do’than  -  Their decree: their sickness

Dru sil’la  -  Dewy (?)

Du’mah  -  Silence

Du’ra  -  Habitation

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