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Letter C

J. B. Jackson

A Dictionary of Proper Bible Names

Cab’bon  -  As the prudent: as the builder

Ca’bul  -  As if nothing: fettered

Cae’sar  -  Severed

Caes a re’a  -  derivative of Caesar

Caes a re’a Phi lip’pi   composed of Caesarea and Philippi

Ca’ia phas  -  As comely

Cain  -  Maker: fabricator (literally smith)

Cai’nan  -  Their smith

Ca’lah  -  Full age

Cal’a mus  -  Sweet stalk: reed

Cal’col  -  Nourished: comprehended

Ca’leb  -  A dog: whole-hearted

Ca’leb Eph’ra tah  -  see Caleb and Ephratah

Cal’neh  -  The wail is complete

Cal’no  -  His perfection

Cal’va ry  -  A skull

Ca’mon  -  Rising up: standing

Ca’na  -  Zealous: acquired

Ca’na an  -  A trafficker

Ca’na an ite   gentilic of Canaan

Ca’na an ite (in N. T.)   gentilic of Cana

Ca’naan i tess  -  feminine of Canaanite

Can da’ce  -  possibly a sting

Can’neh  -  To give a flattering title

Ca per’na um  -  Village of comfort

Caph’thor im   see Caphtorim

Caph’tor  -  As if to interpret: knop: he bowed down to spy out

Caph’to rim  -  masculine plural of Caphtor

Cap pa do’ci a   Branded unreal

Car’bun cle  -  I will kindle (only in Isa. 54:12)

Car’bun cle (2)   Lightning stone: (literally she shot forth)

Car’cas  -  As the bound (one)

Car che’mish   The head (or lamb) as if departed

Ca re’ah  -  Bald-head

Car’mel  -  Fruitful field

Car’mel ite  -  gentilic of Carmel

Car’mel i tess    feminine of Carmel

Car’mi  -  My vineyard

Car’mites  -  patronymic of Carmi

Car’pus  -  Fruit

Car she’na   Change thou the lamb (or head, or pasture)

Ca siph’i a  -  Longing of Jah: silver of Jah

Cas lu’him  -  As forgiven ones

Cas’tor (and Pollux)   Jupiter’s twins

Ce’dron  -  Dark: turbid

Cen’chre a  -  Granular: millet-like

Ce’phas  -  A stone

Chal ced’o ny  -  Copper-like: flower-like

Chal’col  -  same as Calcol

Chal de’a   As clod-breakers

Chal de’ans  -  gentilic of Chaldea

Chal’dees  -  same as Chaldea

Cha’na an  -  same as Canaan

Chap’men  -  The search-men

Char’a shim   Craftsmen

Char’che mish  -  same as Carchemish

Char’ran  -  Greek form of Haran

Che’bar   As if made clear; abundant: vehement

Ched or la o’mer   As binding for the sheaf: generation of a handful

Che’lal  -  Complete

Chel’lu  -  Determine ye him: consume ye him

Che’lub  -  A basket: a coop

Che lu’bai  -  My baskets

Chem’a rims   As changed ones

Che’mosh  -  As if departing: as if feeling

Che na’a nah   Traffic: as if afllicted

Chen’ a ni  -  As my perpetuator

Chen a ni’ah   As perpetuated of Jah

Che’phar ha am’mo nai The covert of the Ammonites: village of the Ammonites

Che phi’rah  -  A young lioness: covert

Che’ran  -  As shouting for joy: their lamb: their pasture

Cher’eth ims   Cutters off

Che’rith  -  A cutting

Cher’eth ites   same as Cherethims

Cher’ub  -  As if contending

Cher’u bim-s   masculine plural of Cherub

Ches’a lon  -  Foolish confidence: as extolled

Che’sed  -  As harrower

Che’sil  -  A fool: Orion

Che sul’loth   As raised ways: foolish confidences

Che’zib  -  As flowing; falsified

Chi’don  -  A spear: shield: dart

Chil’e ab  -  Sustained of father

Chil’i on  -  Consumption

Chil’mad  -  As a disciple: complete clothing (or measure)

Chim’ham  -  Their longing

Chim’han   Their longing (feminine)

Chin’ne reth   A harp

Chin’ne roth   Harps

Chi’os  -  An unlucky throw of dice

Chis’leu  -  His confidence

Chis’lon  -  Confidence: foolishness

Chis’loth Ta’bor   Foolish confidences thou wilt purge

Chit’tim  -  Breakers in pieces

Chi’un  -  An image: pillar (as set up)

Chlo’e  -  Verdant

Cho ra’shan   A furnace of smoke

Cho ra’zin  -  probably Greek for Chorashan

Cho ze’ba  -  Falsehood

Christ  -  The anointed

Chris’ti an  -  derivative of Christ (one like the anointed)

Chry’so lyte   Gold-stone

Chry so pra’sus   Golden green: golden achievement

Chub  -  Clustered: a horde

Chun  -  Established

Chu’shan rish a tha’im  Blackness of double wickedness

Chu’za  -  A mound: a measure

Ci li’ci a  -  Hair cloth

Cin’ne roth  -  same as Chinneroth

Cis  -  Greek form of Kish

Clau’da  -  Surging (?)

Clau’di a  -  feminine of Claudius

Clau’di us  -  Whining (?): perhaps derivative of Clauda

Clau’di us lys’i as   see Lucius

Clem’ent  -  Vine-twig: merciful

Cle’o pas   Famed of all

Cle’o phas  -  My exchanges (another mode of writing Alpheus, should be

  -  spelled Clopas)

Cni’dus (nidus)  -  Nettled

Col ho’zeh  -  All-seer: every seer

Co los’se   Monstrosities

Co los’si ans   gentilic of Colosse

Con a ni’ah  -  Established of Jehovah

Co ni’ah  -  Jehovah has established

Con o ni’ah  -  same as Conaniah

Co’os  -  A public prison

Co’ral  -  Heights

Co’re  -  Greek form of Korah

Cor’inth  -  Satiated

Co rin’thi ans  -  gentilic of Corinth

Cor ne’li us  -  Pitiless satiety: pertaining to a horn

Co’sam  -  Divining (?)

Coz  -  A thorn

Coz’bi  -  My lie

Cres’cens  -  Growing: fleshy shadow

Crete  -  Fleshy

Cretes  -  gentilic of Crete

Cre’tians  -  same as Cretes

Cris’pus  -  Crisp: curly-haired: seed of a ram (?)

Cush  -  Black: terror

Cu’shan  -  Their blackness

Cush’i  -  gentilic of Cushan

Cuth  -  Crushing

Cuth’ah  -  Place of crushing

Cy’prus  -  Love: a blossom

Cy re’ne  -  Supremacy of the bridle (?)

Cy re’ni an  -  gentilic of Cyrene

Cy re’ni us  -  derivative of Cyrene

Cy’ros  -  Possess thou the furnace

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