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Letter B

J. B. Jackson

A Dictionary of Proper Bible Names

Ba’al (the)  -  The lord (as master, owner)

Ba’al ah  -  Mistress

Ba’al ath  -  Mistressship

Ba’al ath be’er   Mistress of the well

Ba’al be’rith   Lord of the covenant

Ba’al e  -  Lords of (Judah)

Ba al gad’  -  Lord of Gad

Ba al ha’mon   Lord of the multitude

Ba al ha’nan   Baal is gracious: lord of grace

Ba al ha’zor  -  Lord of the court: lord of trumpeting

Ba al her’mon   Lord of hermon

Ba’a li  -  My lord

Ba’al im  -  The lords (idols)

Ba’al is  -  Lord of the banner: in causing the joy

Ba al me’on   Lord of the dwelling

Ba al pe’or  -  Lord of the opening

Ba al pe ra’zim   Lord of the breaches

Ba al sha li’sha   Lord of the third part (triad)

Ba’al ta’mar   Lord of the palm

Ba al ze’bub   Lord of the fly

Ba al ze’phon  -  Lord of the north

Ba’a na  -  In the affliction

Ba’a nah  -  same as Baana

Ba’a ra  -  She hath kindled: brutishness

Ba a sei’ah  -  In the work of Jah

Ba’a sha  -  In the consumption: in the haste

Ba’bel  -  Confusion (by mixing)

Bab’y lon   same as Babel

Bab’y lo’ni ans   gentilic of Babel

Bab y lo’nish   same as Shinar

Ba’ca  -  The weeper

Bach’rite   patronymic of Becher

Ba ha’rum ite  -  gentilic of Bahurim

Ba hu’rim   Choice youths

Bai’ther  -  Division (in LXX of Josh. 15:59)

Ba’jith (the)   The house

Bak bak’kar  -  Diligent investigator (?)

Bak’buk  -  A bottle (from its gurgling)

Bak buk i’ah   Jah’s bottle: emptying of Jah

Ba’la am  -  Swallower of the people: confounding the people

Ba’lac  -  Greek form of Balak

Bal’a dan   Not a lord

Ba’lah  -  Waxed old

Ba’lak  -  Waster

Ba’mah  -  A high place (for idols)

Ba’moth  -  plural of Bamah

Ba’moth Ba’al   High places of Baal

Ba’ni  -  My building

Ba rab’bas  -  Son of father

Bar’ach el  -  Blessed of God

Bar ach i’as  -  same as Berechiah

Ba’rak  -  Lightning

Bar’hu mite  -  Son of the blackened: in the pitied

Ba ri’ah  -  Fugitive: crooked: bar (as crossing)

Bar je’sus  -  Son of Jesus

Bar jo’na   Son of a dove

Bar’kos  -  The son cut off

Bar’na bas  -  Son of prophecy: son of consolation

Bar’sa bas  -  Son of the host

Bar thol’o mew  -  Son of Talmai

Bar ti mae’us    Son of one esteemed: son of one unclean

Ba’ruch  -  Blessed

Bar zil’la i  -  My irons: he of iron

Ba’shan (the)   The shame of them: the fertile: the one in sleep

Ba’shan ha’voth ja’ir   see Havoth-jair

Bash’e math   same as Basmath

Bas’math   Spice

Bath rab’bim   Daughter of many

Bath she’ba   Daughter of the oath

Bath shu’a  -  Daughter of crying: daughter of opulence

Ba’vai  -  My goings

Baz’lith  -  Stripping

Baz’luth  -  Stripping

Bdel’li um  -  In turbidity

Be al i’ah   Possessed of Jah: mastered of Jah

Be a’loth  -  Mistresses

Beb’a i  -  My cavities

Be’cher  -  A dromedary: fist-born

Be cho’rath  -  Firstling

Be’dad  -  Solitary

Be’dan  -  In judging

Be de’iah   Isolated of Jah

Be el i’a da  -  Lord of knowledge

Be el’ze bub   Lord of the dwelling

Be’er  -  A well

Be e’ra  -  A well

Be e’rah  -  A well

Be er e’lim  -  Well of the gods (i.e. mighty ones)

Be e’ri  -  My well

Be er la hai’ro i   Well of the living (one) seeing me

Be e’roth   Wells

Be e’roth ite  -  gentilic of Beeroth

Be er she’ba   Well of the oath

Be esh’te rah  -  In Ashtoreth: in her flock

Be he’moth  -  Beasts

Bel  -  Lord

Be’la  -  Swallowing

Be’lah  -  Swallowing

Be’la ites   patronymic of Belah

Be’li al  -  Worthlessness

Bel shaz’zar   Lord of whose treasure: lord of destruction straitened

Bel te shaz’zar   Lord of the straitened’s treasure

Ben  -  A son

Ben ai’ah   Built of Jehovah

Ben am’mi  -  Son of my people

Be ne be’rak   Sons of lightning

Be ne ja’ak an  -  Sons of one who will oppress them

Ben ha’dad  -  Son of the lot-caster: son of the shouter

Ben ha’il  -  Son of valor

Ben ha’nan  -  Son of the gracious giver

Ben i’nu  -  Son of us

Ben’ja min  -  Son of the right hand

Ben’jam ite  -  patronymic of Benjamin

Be’no  -  Son of him

Ben o’ni  -  Son of my sorrow

Ben zo’heth   Son of releasing

Be’on  -  In the dwelling: indwelling

Be’or  -  A burning

Be’ra  -  In the evil

Ber a’chah  -  A blessing

Ber a chi’ah   Blessed of Jehovah

Ber a i’ah   Created of Jah

Be re’a  -  The pierced: the beyond

Ber e chi’ah   Blessed of Jehovah

Be’red  -  Hail

Be’ri  -  My well: of the well

Be ri’ah  -  In evil

Be ri’ites  -  patronymic of Beriah

Be’rites  -  gentilic of Beri

Be’rith  -  Covenant

Ber ni’ce  -  Bear thou victory

Be’ro dach bal’a dan   The causer of oppression is not a lord

Be ro’thah  -  Place of wells

Be ro’thai  -  My wells

Be’ro thite  -  patronymic of Berothai

Ber’yl  -  She will impoverish

Be’sai  -  My treaders down

Bes o dei’ah   In Jah’s secret

Be’sor  -  Good tidings

Be’tah  -  Security

Be’ten  -  The belly (womb)

Beth ab’ar a   Ferry-house

Beth’a nath  -  House of response (or affiiction)

Beth’a noth  -  House of responses (or affiictions)

Beth’a ny   House of affiiction (or response)

Beth ar’a bah (the)   The desert house

Beth a’ram (the)  -  The house of the exalted: the house of their hill

Beth ar’bel  -  House of God’s ambush

Beth a’ven  -  House of vanity

Beth az ma’veth   House of the strength of death

Beth ba al me’on  -  House of the lord of the dwelling

Beth bar’ah  -  House of eating: house of choice

Beth bir’e i  -  House of my creator

Beth’car  -  House of the lamb: house of pasture

Beth da’gon   House of the fish (god)

Beth dib la tha’im   House of the double fig-cake

Beth’el  -  House of God

Beth’el ite  -  gentilic of Bethel

Beth e’mek (the)  -  The valley-house

Be’ther  -  Division

Beth es’da  -  House of mercy

Beth e’zel  -  The neighbor’s house: the next house

Beth ga’der  -  House of the wall

Beth ga’mul   House of the weaned: house of recompense

Beth hac’cer em   The vineyard-house

Beth ha’ran  -  House of their mount: house of the joyful shouter

Beth hog’la  -  House of the languished feast

Beth hog’lah   House of the languished feast

Beth ho’ron  -  Consumer’s house: cavernous house

Beth jesh’im oth   House of the wastes

Beth jes’i moth   House of the wastes

Beth leb’ a oth   House of lionesses

Beth’1e hem   House of bread

Beth’le hem Eph’ra ta   see Ephrata

Beth’le hem ite   gentilic of Bethlehem

Beth’le hem Ju’dah   see Judah

Beth ma’a chah   House of oppression

Beth mar’ca both (the) The chariot-house

Beth me’on  -  House of habitation (see Baal-meon)

Beth nim’rah   House of the leopardess

Beth pa’let  -  House of escape

Beth paz’zez   House of dispersion

Beth pe’or  -  House of the opening

Beth pha’ge   Green fig-house

Beth phe’let   same as Bethpalet

Beth ra’pha  -  House of the healer: house of the giant: house of the feeble

Beth re’hob  -  House of the broad way

Beth sai’da  -  House of provision: house of hunting

Beth’shan  -  House of the sharpener; perhaps variation of Bethshean

Beth she’an   House of quiet

Beth she’mesh   House of the sun

Beth’shem ite   gentilic of Bethshemesh

Beth shit’tah (the)   The acacia house: house of the scourge

Beth tap’pu ah   The apple-house: house of the breather

Beth u’el  -  Point ye out God: wasting of God

Beth’ul  -  Separated

Beth’zur  -  House of the rock

Be to’nim   Cavities: (pistachio) nuts

Be u’lah  -  Married

Be’zai  -  My fine linen (garments)

Be zal’e el  -  In God’s shade

Be’zek  -  Lightning

Be’zer  -  Munition

Bich’ri  -  He thou first (born)

Bid’kar  -  In stabbing

Big’tha  -  In the wine-press

Big’than  -  In their wine-press

Big tha’na  -  In their wine-press

Big’va i  -  In my bodies

Bil’dad  -  Confusing (by mingling) love

Bil’e am  -  same as Balaam

Bil’gah  -  Cheerfulness

Bil’ga i  -  My comforts

Bil’hah  -  In languishing: decrepitude

Bil’han  -  Their decrepitude

Bil’shan  -  In slander

Bim’hal  -  In circumcision: in weakness (by mixture)

Bin’e a  -  In wandering

Bin nu i  -  Built up

Bir’sha  -  In wickedness

Bir za’vith  -  In leanness: choice olive

Bish’lam  -  In peace

Bith i’ah  -  Daughter of Jah

Bith’ron (the)  -  The division

Bi thyn’i a  -  Violent rushing

Biz joth’jah  -  Among Jab’s olives

Biz’tha  -  Booty

Blas’tus  -  A sprout

Bo an er’ges   Sons of thunder

Bo’az  -  In him is strength

Boch’e ru   The first-born is he: his first-born

Bo’chim (the)   The weepers

Bo’han  -  Thumb

Bo’oz  -  Greek form of Boaz

Bos’cath  -  same as Bozkath

Bo’sor  -  Greek form of Beor: perhaps Ox-hill

Bo’zez  -  Surpassing white: glistening

Boz’kath   A swelling (as of dough)

Boz’rah  -  A fold

Buk’ki  -  Emptied out

Buk ki’ah   Emptied out by Jehovah

Bul  -  Increase: produce

Bu’nah  -  Understanding

Bun’ni  -  I am built

Buz  -  Contempt

Buz’i  -  My contempt

Buz’ite  -  patronymic of Buz

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