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Letter A

J. B. Jackson

A Dictionary of Proper Bible Names

Aa’ron  -  Light-bringer

Aa’ron ites  -  patronymic of Aaron

A bad’don  -  Destruction

A bag’tha   Father of the wine-press

A ba’na  -  Constancy: a sure ordinance

Ab’arim  -  Regions beyond: the passages

Ab’ba  -  Father

Ab’da  -  Service

Ab’de el  -  Servant of God

Ab’di  -  My servant

Ab’di el  -  Servant of God

Ab’don  -  Servitude

A bed’ne go   Servant of brightness

A’bel (1)  -  (2nd son of Adam) Vanity (i.e., transitory)

A’bel (2)  -  Mourning, or a meadow

A’bel beth ma’a chah   Mourning (or “meadow”) of the house of oppression

A ‘bel ker a’mim   Mourning of the vineyards

A’bel ma’im   Mourning of the waters

A’bel me ho’lah   Mourning of dancing

A’bel miz ra’im   Mourning of the Egyptians

A’bel shit’tim  -  Mourning of the acacias

A’bez  -  I will make white (or miry)

A’bi  -  My father (or fatherly)

A bi’a  -  My father is Jab

A bi’ah  -  same as Abia

A’bi al’bon  -  My father is above understanding or “father of understanding”

A bi’a saph  -  Father of the gatherer

A bi’a thar  -  Father of abundance, or “father of a remnant”

A’bib  -  Green ear (of corn)

A bi’da  -  Father of knowledge

A bi’dah  -  Father of knowledge

A bi’dan  -  Father of the judge

A bi’el  -  My father is GOD

A’bi e’zer   Father of help

A’bi ez’rite  -  patronymic of Abiezer

Ab’i gail (1)  -  Father of joy

Ab’i gail (2)  -  Father of a heap (or “billow”) in 2 Sam. 17:25

A bi ha’il (1)   Father of howling (or “of shining forth”), probably textual error for

  -  following

A bi ha’il (2)   Father of valor (endurance)

A bi’hu  -  My father is he, or “father of him”

A bi’hud  -  Father of majesty

A bi’jah  -  My father is Jab

A bi’jam  -  Father of the sea

A bi le’ne   Without books, or without king

A bim’a el  -  My father is what god? or my father is from God

A him’e lech   My father is king

A bin’a dab  -  Father of the willing giver

Ab’i ner  -  My father is a lamp

A bin’o am  -  Father of pleasantness

A bi’ram  -  My father is exalted

A bi’shag   My father erred

A bi’shai  -  Father of gift

A bi sha’lom   Father of peace

A bi shu’a  -  Father of salvation, or of riches

A bi’shur  -  Father of beholding, or father of the singer

A bi’tal  -  Father of dew

Ab’i tub  -  Father of goodness

A bi’ud  -  Greek form of Abihud

Ab’ner (1)  -  Father of a lamp (1 Sam. 14:50)

Ab’ner (2)  -  Father is a lamp

A’bra ham  -  Father of a great multitude

Ab’ram  -  Father is exalted

Ab’rech  -  I will cause blessing, or tender father

Ab’sa lom  -  Father is peace

Ac’cad  -  Only a pitcher

Ac’cho  -  His straitness

A cel’da ma  -  Field of blood

A cha’ia  -  Wailing

A cha’i cus  -  derivative of Achaia

A’chan  -  Thought to mean same as Achar

A’char  -  Troubler

A’chaz  -  Greek form of Ahaz

Ach’bor  -  A mouse

A’chim  -  Without winter

A’chish  -  I will blacken (or terrify), or “only a man”

Ach’me tha  -  Brother of death

A’chor  -  To trouble

Ach’sa/Ach’sah   To tinkle, or anklet

Ach’shaph  -  I shall be bewitched

Ach’zib  -  I shall make a lie

A da’dab  -  Forever adorned, or the prey adorned

A’dah  -  Ornament, or he adorned

A da i’ah  -  Adorned of Jah

Ad al i’ah   I shall be drawn up of Jah

A’dam  -  Man: red earth

A da’mah   The earth, ground

A da’mi  -  Man of (add following word)

A’dar (1)   Glorious

A’dar (2)   Exceeding glorious (Josh. 15:3 only)

Ad’be el  -  Chastened of God

Ad’dan  -  their hap

Ad’dar  -  same as Adar (2)

Ad’di  -  Greek for Adah

Ad’don  -  Misfortune

A’der  -  Musterer, care-taker; a flock

A’di el  -  Ornament of God

A’din  -  Given to pleasure

A di’na  -  Voluptuous

A di’no  -  His ornament, his luxuriousness

A di tha’im  -  Double ornament

Ad’lai  -  The prey is mine

Ad’mah  -  Earthiness

Ad’ma tha   Her earthiness: man’s chamber (?)

Ad’na  -  Pleasure

Ad’nah (1)  -  Pleasure

Ad’nah (2)  -  Resting forever (1 Chr. 12:20 only)

A do ni be’zek  -  Lord of lightning

A do ni’jah  -  My lord is Jah (Jehovah)

A do ni’kam  -  Lord of rising up; my lord has arisen

A do ni’ram  -  My lord is high

A do ni ze’dec   Lord of righteousness

A do ra’im  -  Double glory

A do’ram   Their glory

A dram’me lech   The glorious king: glory of the king

Ad’ra myt’ti um   Not in the race: I shall abide in death

A’dri a  -  Without wood

A’dri el  -  Flock of God: my shepherder is God

A dul’lam   A testimony to them

A dul’lam ite   patronymic of Adullam

A dum’mim  -  Ruddy ones: quieted ones (?)

Ae’neas  -  To praise

Ae’non  -  To praise, but if from Hebrew “fountain”

Ag’ab us  -  A grasshopper

A’gag  -  I will overtop

A’gag ite  -  gentilic of Agag

A’gar  -  Greek form of Hagar

A’gee  -  I shall increase

A grip’pa  -  Horse-hunter

A’gur  -  Gathered

A’hab  -  Brother of father

A har’ah  -  Brother of breathing: remaining brother

A har’hel  -  Behind the wall

A ha’sai  -  My possessions

A has’bai   Brother of my encompassers: I will take refuge in my (arms)

A has u e’rus   I will be silent and poor

A ha’va  -  I shall subsist

A’haz  -  Possessor

A’haz i’ ah  -  Possessed of Jehovah

Ah’ban  -  Brother of understanding

A’her  -  Another

A’hi  -  My brother

A hi’ah  -  Brother of Jehovah,

A hi’am  -  Brother of mother

A hi’an  -  Brother of them

A hi e’zer   Brother of help

A hi’hud (1)   Brother of majesty

A hi’hud (2)   Brother of the propounder (of riddles): my brother is united (1 Chr.

  -  8:7)

A hi’jah  -  Bother of Jehovah

A hi’kam  -  Brother of rising

A hi’lud  -  Brother of travail: brother of one born

A him’a az  -  Brother of counsel

A hi’man  -  Brother of a portion: brother of whom?

A him’e lech   Brother of the king

A hi’moth   Brother of death

A hi’na dab  -  Brother of the willing giver

A hin’o am  -  Brother of pleasantness

A hi’o  -  Brotherly (literally brother of him)

A hi’ra  -  Brother of evil

A hi’ram  -  Brother of lifting up

A hi’ram ite  -  paronymic of Ahiram

A his’am ach   Brother of support

A hi’sha bar   Brother of the morning

A hi’shar  -  Brother of the singer

A hi’tho phel   Brother of folly

A hi’tub  -  Brother of goodness

Ah’lab  -  I shall be made fat

Ah’lai  -  O, would that

A ho’ah  -  Brother of rest (?)

A hoh’ite  -  patronymic of Ahoah

A ho’lah  -  Her own tent

A ho’li ab   Tent of father

A hol’i bah  -  My tent is in her

A ho li ba’mah  -  Tent of the high place

A hu’mai  -  A water reed: brother of waters

A hu’zam   Their possession

A huz’zath  -  Possession

A’i  -  The heap (of ruins)

A i’ah  -  Falcon: kite

A i’ath  -  A heap

A i’ja  -  Heap of ruins

A i’ja lon  -  Deer-field: a large stag

A i’je leth sha’har   The hind of the morning

A’in  -  An eye: fountain

Ai’tam  -  Ravenous beast consumed (?) (a name in LXX of Josh. 15:60)

A’jah  -  same as Aiah

Aj’a lon  -  same as Aijalon

A’kan  -  Oppression

Ak’kub  -  Subtle (literally to take by the heel)

Ak rab’bim  -  Scorpions

Al’am eth   Concealment

A lam’melech  -  The king’s oak

Al’am oth   Virgins (as covered): hiding places

A le’meth   same as Alameth

Al ex an’der   Man-defender

Al ex an’dri a   derivative of Alexander

Al ex an’dri ans   gentilic of Alexander.

Al’gum  -  Not added ones (?): not drunken ones

A li’ah  -  Above is Jah: iniquity

Al’i an  -  My surpassing them (?): or i.q. Alvan

Al le lu’ia   Greek for praise ye Jah

Al’lon  -  An oak

Al’lon Bach’uth   Oak of weeping

Al mo’dad  -  Not measured

Al’mon  -  Concealment

Al’mon Dib lath a’im  Concealment of the two fig cakes

Al’mug  -  Not dissolved

A’loth  -  The heights: mistresses

Al’pha  -  first letter of the Greek alphabet: beginning

Al phe’us   Produce: gain: if from Hebrew = my exchanges

Al tas’chith  -  Thou mayest not destroy

A’lush  -  I will knead (bread)

Al’vah  -  Iniquity: above is Jah

Al’van  -  Their ascent: iniquitous one

A’mad  -  People of eternity

A’mal  -  Perverseness

Am’al ek  -  People of lapping (or licking up)

Am al’ek ites   gentilic of Amalek

A’mam  -  Their mother

A ma’na  -  Constancy: a settled provision

Am a ri’ah  -  The saying of Jehovah

A ma’sa  -  Burdensome (?)

A mas’a i   My burdens

A mash’a i  -  People of my spoilers

A mas i’ah  -  Laden of Jah

A maz i’ah  -  Strength of Jah

A’men  -  Truth

Am’e thyst  -  Dream-stone (literally I shall be brought back – as from a dream)

A’mi  -  Bond-servant

A min’a dab   Greek form of Amminadab

A mit’tai  -  My faithfulness

Am’mah  -  A cubit

Am’mi  -  My people

Ammi’el  -  My people are of God

Am mi’hud (1)  -  People of majesty

Am mi’hud (2)  -  My people is white (in 2 Sam. 13:37 where some copies have

  -  preceding meaning)

Am min’a dab  -  People of the willing-giver

Ammin’adib  -  My people are willing

Am mi shad’da i   People of the Almighty

Am miz’a bad  -  People of the endower

Am’mon  -  Tribal (peoplish)

Am’mon ite-s  -  gentilic of Ammon

Am’mo ni tess   feminine of Ammon

Am’non (1)  -  Faithful

Am’non (2)  -  Made faithful (in 2 Sam. 13:20)

A’mok  -  To be deep

A’mon  -  To nourish: to be faithful

Am’or ite   A sayer

A’mos  -  To lade, to burden

A’moz  -  To be strong, courageous

Am phip’o lis   Around the city

Am’pli as   Enlarged

Am’ram (1)  -  The people is exalted

Am’ram (2)  -  Their slime: their heaping up (1 Chr. 1:41)

Am’ram ite  -  patronymic of Amram (1)

Am’ra phel  -  Sayer of darkness: fall of the sayer

Am’zi  -  My strength

A’nab  -  Grape-ish (grape-dom)

A’nah  -  Afflicted: answered

An a ha’rath   The groaning of fear

An a i’ah  -  Afflicted (or answered) of Jah

A’nak  -  Neck-chain: long-necked

An’a kim  -  patronymic of Anak

An’am im   Affliction (or answer) of the waters

A nam’me lech   The affliction of the king

A’nan  -  A cloud

An a’ni  -  My cloud

An an i’ah  -  Jah’s cloud

An an i’as  -  Greek form of Hananiah

A’nath  -  Afflicted: answered

An ath’e ma   Accursed

An’a thoth  -  Affliction: answers

An’drew  -  Manly

An dro ni’cus  -  Victory of man

A’nem  -  Double fountain

A’ner  -  A lamp swept away

A neth’o thite   patronymic of Anathoth

A ni’am  -  Lament of the people

A’nim  -  Fountains

An’na  -  Greek form of Hannah

An’nas  -  Greek form of Hananiah

An’ti och  -  Driven against

An’ti pas  -  Against all: against fatherland

An ti pa’tris  -  Against (or instead of) one’s’country

An to thi’jah   Answers (or afflictions) of Jah

An’to thite  -  patronymic of Anathoth

A’nub  -  Clustered

A pel’les  -  Without receptacle (hide): from Greece

A phar’sa chites   As causers of division (?)

A phar’sath chites   I will divide the deceivers (?)

A phar’sites   Causers of division (?)

A’phek  -  Restrained

A phe’kah  -  Restraint

Aph i’ah  -  I will make to breathe

A’phik   Channel: restraint

Aph’rah  -  Dust-heap

Aph’ses (the)  -  The shattering

Ap ol lo’ni a  -  Utter destruction

Ap ol’los  -  Destroyer

Ap ol’ly on  -  Destroyer

Ap pa’im  -  Double-nosed

Ap’phi a  -  Dear one

Ap pi i fo’rum  -  Persuasive mart

A quil’a  -  I shall be nourished (if from Hebrew); an eagle (if Latin);

  -  or immovable (if Greek)

Ar  -  Awaking

A’ra  -  I shall see (?)

A’rab  -  An ambush

Ar’ab ah (the)  -  The desert plain

A ra’bi a  -  Dusky: mixed

A ra’bi ans  -  gentilic of Arabia

A’rad  -  Wild ass

A’rah  -  A wayfarer (literally, he wandered)

A’ram  -  Exalted

A ram i’tess   probably feminine gentilic of Aram, but exact for the Exalted

  -  of Jah

A’ram na ha ra’im   Highland of the two rivers

A’ram zo’bah  -  Exalted station: exalted conflict

A’ran  -  A wild goat; I shall shout for joy

Ar’a rat  -  The curse reversed: precipitation of curse

A rau’nah (1)  -  I shall shout for joy

A rau’nah (2)  -  Make ye to shine (in 2 Sam. 24:16 - but most consider it an error for preceding)

A rau’nah (3)  -  Joyful shouting of Jah (in 2 Sam. 24:18)

Ar’ba  -  Four

Ar’bah  -  Four

Ar’bath ire (the)   gentilic of Beth-arabah

Ar’bel  -  see Beth-arbel

Ar’bite  -  gentilic of Arab

Ar che la’us  -  Ruling the people

Ar’che vites   plural of Archi

Ar’chi (the)  -  Lengthy: gentilic of Erech

Ar chip’pus  -  Horse chief

Ar’chite (the)  -  see Archi

Arc’tu rus  -  Consuming (appellative for moth)

Ard  -  I shall subdue

Ard’ites  -  gentilic of Ard

Ar’don  -  Subduer: fugitive

A re’li  -  A lion is my God: he cursed my God

A re’lites  -  gentilic of Areli

Ar e op’a gite  -  gentilic of Areopagus

A re op’ag us   A martial peak

Ar e’tas  -  Virtuous

Ar’gob  -  Lion’s den; clod-heap: cursed heap

A rid’a i  -  The lion is enough

A rid’a tha  -  The lion of the decree

A ri’eh (the)   The lion

A’ri el  -  Lion of God

A rim a the’a   A high place (from same as Ramah)

A’ri och  -  Lion-like

A ris’a i  -  Lion of my banners (?)

Ar is tar’chus  -  Best ruler

A ris to bu’lus  -  Best counsellor

Ark’ite  -  My gnawing

Ar ma ged’don   Hill of slaughter

Ar me’ni a  -  same as Ararat

Ar mo’ni  -  My palace

Ar’nan  -  Lion of perpetuity: or same as Aran

Ar’non  -  Lion of perpetuity: I shall shout for joy

A’rod  -  I shall subdue: I shall roam

Ar’o di   perhaps patronymic of Arod

A’rod ites   patronymic of Arod

A ro’er  -  Destitute

A ro’er ite  -  gentilic of Aroer

Arpad  -  I shall be spread out (or supported)

Ar’phad  -  as Arpad

Ar phax’ad  -  I shall fail as the breast: he cursed the breast-bottle

Ar tax erx’es   “I will make the spoiled to boil”; “I will stir myself (in) winter”;

  -  “I will make the sixth to boil”; or “I will stir myself (with) drink”

Ar’te mas   Safe and sound

Ar’u both   Windows

A ru’mah   I shall be exalted

Ar’vad  -  I shall break loose

Ar’vad ites  -  gentilic of Arvad

Ar’za  -  Earthiness

A’sa  -  Healer: injurious (?)

As’a hel  -  Wrought of God

As a hi’ah  -  Wrought of Jah

As a i’ah  -  same as Asahiah

A’saph  -  A gatherer

A sar’e el   I shall be prince of God

As a re’lah  -  Guided towards God

A’se nath   I shall be hated: she has stored up

A’ser  -  Greek form of Asher

A’shan  -  Smoke

Ash be’a  -  I shall make to swear

Ash’bel  -  A man in God: a man of Baal: fire of Bel: I will make a path

Ash’bel ite  -  patronymic of Ashbel

Ash’che naz   A man as sprinkled: fire as scattered

Ash’dod  -  I will spoil

Ash’dod ites   gentilic of Ashdod

Ash’doth ites  -  same as Ashdod

Ash’doth pis’gah  -  Spoilers of the survey

Ash’er  -  Happy

Ash’er ah   Groves (for idol worship)

Ash er ites  -  patronymic of Asher

Ash’i ma  -  Guiltiness: I will make desolate

Ash’ke lon  -  The fire of infamy: I shall be weighed

Ash’ke naz  -  same as Ashchenaz

Ash’nah  -  I will cause change

Ash’pe naz  -  I will make prominent the sprinkled

Ash’ri el  -  I shall be prince of God

Ash’ta roth  -  plural of Ashtaroth

Ash’ter ath ite   gentilic of Ashtaroth

Ash’ter oth kat na’im   Double-horned mind readers: double horned flocks

Ash’to reth  -  Thought searching

Ash’ur   I shall be early sought: I shall be black: fire-hole

Ash’ur ites  -  Guided: blessed

Ash’vath  -  Sleek: shiny: thoughtful: searched out

A’sia  -  Slime: mire

A’si el  -  Wrought of God

As’ke lon   same as Ashkelon

As’nah  -  same as Asenath

As nap’per  -  Horned bull: thorn abolished

As’pa tha   The enticed gathered

As’ri el  -  I shall be prince of God

As’ri el ites  -  patronymic of Asriel

Assh’ur  -  A step

Assh’u rim  -  plural of Assir

As’sir  -  Prisoner

As’sos  -  Nearer

As’sur  -  same as Asshur

As syr’i a   A step

As syr’i an  -  gentilic of Assyria

As’ta roth  -  same as Ashtaroth

A sup’pim  -  The gatherings

A syn’cri tus   Incomparable

A’tad  -  Bramble

At’a rah  -  A crown

At’a roth  -  Crowns

At’a roth a’dar   Crowns of glory

At’a roth ad’dar   same as Atarothadar

A’ter  -  Binder: left-handed (i.e., shut as to the right hand)

A’thach  -  Thy due season

Ath a i’ah   Jah’s due season

Ath a li’ah  -  Due season for Jah

A the’ni ans  -  gentilic of Athens

Ath’ens  -  Uncertainty

Ath’lai   My due times

At’roth shoph’an  -  Crowns of their rapine

At’tai  -  My due seasons

At ta li’a  -  Gentle father

Au gus’tus  -  Radiant (in Luke 2:1 only)

Au gus’tus  -  Venerable

A’va  -  Perverted

A’ven  -  Perverseness

A’vim  -  Perverters

A’vims  -  Perverters

A’vites  -  Perverters

A’vith  -  Overturning

A’zal  -  Proximity: he has reserved

Az a li’ah   Reserved of Jehovah

Az a ni’ah  -  Heard of Jah

A zar’a el   Helped of God

A zar’e el   Helped of God

Az a ri’ah   Helped of Jah (Jehovah)

A’zaz  -  The strong one

A za’zel  -  Goat of departure

Az a zi’ah   Strengthened of Jehovah

Az’buk  -  Strong emptier

A ze’kah  -  Fenced round: dug over

A’zel  -  Reserved

A’zem  -  Strenuous: bone: self-same

Az’gad  -  A mighty troop: strength of Gad

A’zi el  -  Strength of God

A zi’za  -  Mightiness

Az ma’veth  -  Strength of death

Az’mon  -  The mighty

Az’noth ta’bor  -  Ears thou wilt purge

A’zor  -  Greek form of Azzur

A zo’tus  -  Greek form of Ashdod

Az’ri el  -  My help is God

Az ri’kam   My help has arisen

A zu’bah  -  A forsaking

A’zur  -  Helped

Az’zah  -  She was strong

Az’zan  -  Their strength: strong one

Az’zur  -  Helped

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