William Kelly

The hymn given below was written prior to 1894 by William Kelly (1821 - 1906).  It is one of a dozen or so he has left and not only shows the precision of doctrine that characterises W.K. but also shows his joy in the gospel of our salvation.

FATHER and God, Thy grace we own

       In Jesus Thy loved Son made known;

Not heaven can boast such wondrous love

       As now on earth 'tis ours to prove.


For what were we whom Thou didst save

       But helpless victims of the grave?

Our outer life o'erspread with sin,

       And not a jot of good within.


Yet didst Thou set on us Thy love,

       And send the Saviour from above,

Who came by water and by blood,

       The perfect Man and very God.


His work and Thine! for love Thou art,

       But His alone the suffering part;

That we in Him to Thee might live

       And He for us the ransom give.


For ever blest, we boast in Thee

       By Jesus glorified for aye,

Obedient always: ah, what then

       When sacrificed to Thee for men!


But now that sin by Christ is met,

       Thy love can flow without a let;

And we behold in Christ on high

                Thy grace displayed eternally.