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Miscellaneous Writings

Part 9

J. T. Mawson

Miscellaneous Writings

1 Peter 3

Not gold nor pearls nor costly dress,

Nor manners that the world thinks right;

But meekness, love and gentleness

Are pleasing in God's holy sight.

And she who with these graces rare

Adorns her heart and life and ways,

Will bear their fragrance everywhere

And be a blessing all her days.

A Morning Song

Tune, “At Even e'er the Sun was set”


O God and Father unto Thee

We raise our morning melody;

Thy mercies rich from day to day

Thou dost renew, and wilt alway.

Thee as the Source of every good

We gladly own, and ever would

Our grateful hearts and voices lift,

To thank Thee for each precious gift.

For life and breath and mental powers,

For restful nights and waking hours;

No claim upon these things have we,

We take them all as gifts from Thee.

We thank Thee for the tender ties

That bind our hearts in families;

For every loved one with us here,

And those that rest with Thee up there.

Preserve us from all ill this day,

And keep us pure from every way

That to Thy heart would grievous be,

And rob us of our joy in Thee.

We pray for brethren near and far,

For all Thy saints who serving are

Our glorious Saviour and our Lord,

In making known the Word of God.

For all Thy ways so merciful,

And for Thy gift unspeakable,

We raise our morning melody

Our God and Father unto Thee.

“Abide with Me”

Abide with me, my Saviour and my King,

To Thee my life with all its fears I bring.

Thou art my Lord, my never-failing Friend,

Thy love is mine and shall be to the end.

When I am far from those who love me well,

And round my life the tides of danger swell,

Lord, be my Shield, and keep me close to Thee,

Thou art my only hope, abide with me.

Abide with me when sin besets my way,

And like a mighty foe my faith would slay;

Preserve my soul, from yielding keep me free,

I must be safe if I abide with Thee.

Always Confident

When a dear and well known sister in the Lord knew that her illness must have a speedy and fatal end, she quietly said: “Now is my salvation nearer than when I believed.”


Nearer and nearer draws my great salvation,

My hope and joy since when I first believed;

The will of God I meet with approbation,

His hand upholds me and I'm not deceived.

While perishes my earthly habitation,

Before my soul there shines the glory bright,

Where God's rich thoughts in their full aggregation

Shall prove to me that all His ways are right.

I tread the valley without trepidation

For where I am, my Lord will surely be

Before His face, foes fly in consternation,

And leave the road to JESUS and to me.

One step, and I shall reach my destination—

This have I learnt from God's most faithful word—

Freed from this tired body's limitation,

Absent from here, but present with the Lord.

There to await the glorious consummation—

With bodies changed into His likeness fair—

Living and dead, one saintly congregation,

Shall see their Lord, and meet Him in the air.

Nearer and nearer draws my great salvation,

The fight is won and finished is my race,

My heart is filled with holy exultation;

I go to meet my Saviour face to face.

Confession and Confidence


Lines written hurriedly, just before leaving for the Hospital to undergo a severe operation

I am not strong, O Lord, nor greatly daring,

Like some who “waxed valiant in the fight,”

Nor in this hour am I Thine armour wearing

In glorious conflict for the cause of right.

If foes appear with malice and affrighting,

Issuing their challenge in this murky vale,

Why, Lord, I leave alone to Thee the fighting,

My part to watch—and tell the wondrous tale.

I rest in Thee, for, Saviour, Thou art near me,

Nearer than darkness, pain and anxious care,

I feel Thy presence like a garment round me—

Within my heart Thy voice forbids all fear.

And just as child beside his mother sleeping,

Without a fret or fear rests all secure,

So I lie down within Thy tender keeping,

Hushed by the love that ever must endure.

All of the past that might rise up against me,

And with accusing tongue condemn my soul,

Lies 'neath the blood; and onward Thou dost lead me

T'where triumph songs in mighty waves shall roll.

Thy will, my God, oh, let it be accomplished—

Thy will the ending of all fleshly strife:

Thy Name be praised and every evil vanquished—

In me Christ magnified in death or life.

Dost thou feel the heavy burden

Dost thou feel the heavy burden

Of a life spent far from God?

Is the future dark before thee,

With the terror of the Lord?

Oh! He longs . . . to make thee whole,

He will save . . . thy sin-sick soul;

Sinner trust . . . oh! trust in Jesus,

At His feet thy burden roll.

Fly, O lost one, unto Jesus—

Now is God's salvation day—

Tenderly He will receive thee,

None who come are turned away.

From the haunts of care and sorrow,

From the galling yoke of sin;

Turn, O sinner, unto Jesus,

He will surely take you in.

For thy sake He bore the sorrow,

For thy sake His life He gave;

Now He seeks in tender pity,

Thy immortal soul to save.

He will save thee from the judgment

Soon to sweep this world of guilt;

He will wash thy soul and heal thee,

'Twas for this His blood was spilt.

Every Morning


“ Man goeth forth unto his work and to his labour until the evening ” (Psalm 104:23).


Forth to their labour go Thy loved and ransomed host,

To earn their daily bread in stress and sweat of face;

“Be Thou their arm,” O Lord, and strength and mercy send

Fresh from Thy glorious throne of never-failing grace.

Help them to shine as lights before their fellow men,

And in the midst of death hold forth the word of life,

And show how God can keep a soul in perfect peace

Amid the world's wild clamour and its godless strife.

Some serving masters, froward, thoughtless and unjust,

From morning unto night will have their spirits tried;

“Lord Christ,” Thou art their Master, it is Thee they serve,

And all they do, as unto Thee, is sanctified.

Some dogged by unsuccess, will disappointed be,

And sigh with weariness before the day is done;

Refresh their spirits, Lord, give confidence in Thee;

Thou wilt not fail or leave them till their race is run.

Some weak and troubled mothers in their homes this day

Will need a special portion of Thy grace divine;

Uphold them, Lord, strengthen their faith, and let them feel

That Thou art near to make their every burden Thine.

O let Thy mercy great on all that prosper rest

And Lord, preserve them by Thy good and faithful word:

Lest they upon uncertain riches should rely,

And turn from Thee, the only true and living Lord.

And when, O Lord, at length the day draws to its close,

And tired hands and feet and brains seek home and night;

Then these, Thy well-beloved, all day sustained by Thee,

In true contentment shall declare, “Thy way is right.”

And raise their happy songs of praise and thanks to Thee

For that sweet quietness of mind Thy presence brings;

And lay them down with grateful hearts, in peace to sleep

Beneath the shadow of Thy strong, protecting wings.

Get right with God


“ Get right with God ”—for life is sad and dreary

Without the sunshine of His face divine;

Turn now to Him who offers untold blessing

To satisfy the need of souls like thine.

“ Get right with God ”—thy load of guilt is heavy,

And God alone can take that guilt away;

He gave His well-beloved Son to suffer

Upon the cross, thy every debt to pay.

“ Get right with God ”—no longer be rebellious

Against the love that seeks thy soul to win;

Bow down at last, and as thy Lord confess Him.

Whose blood alone can cleanse away thy sin.

“ Get right with God ”—Eternity's before thee,

How dark 'twill be if, banished from His face,

Thou goest forth into the night of sorrow,

A stranger ever to His saving grace.

Hearken! the Day of God's Grace Closeth Fast


Hearken! the day of God's grace closeth fast,

Linger not, linger not, doom comes at last;

Soon will the dark night of judgment be here,

Hasten, oh! hasten, while Christ still is near.

Come now to Jesus, come now to Jesus,

Come and thy sins all confess.

Come now to Jesus, come now to Jesus,

He is still waiting to bless.

Long has he lingered, in grace He has sought

Those by His own precious blood He has bought,

Sought to redeem them, to cleanse them from sin,

Sought thus the love of their cold hearts to win.

Jesus has suffered that thou mightest be

Ransomed for ever, and happy, and free,

Wilt thou not come and this message believe?

Linger no longer, the Saviour receive.

Weary one, hear Him, He's calling to thee,

“All ye who labour, come now unto Me;”

Come with thy burden, a sinner confessed,

Jesus is waiting to give thy soul rest.

A.J.Pollock (verses 1-2)

J.T.Mawson (verses 3-4)





HOPE sings to me a cheerful song—

The way may seem both dark and long,

But days are passing one by one,

And all is glory farther on.

She sings in sweetest tones to me

When but the heavy clouds I see;

She tells me of the shining sun,

And cloudless glory farther on.

And HOPE has wings as well as song,

And when she spreads her pinions strong

My thoughts soar up and dwell upon

The heavenly glory farther on.

And HOPE has eyes that pierce the gloom

She looks beyond death and the tomb,

And thrills as though already shone

The deathless glory farther on.

And thus with song and wings and eyes

HOPE lifts my heart up to the skies

She helps my eager feet to run

To reach the glory farther on.

HOPE, blessed hope, abide with me,

Still sing thy cheerful melody,

Till, clouds and tears for ever gone,

I reach the glory farther on.

Jesus, my Saviour, Come I to Thee


Jesus, my Saviour, come I to Thee.

Take me, oh! take me, Thine ever to be;

Guilty and helpless, this is my plea,

That Thou hast suffered for sinners like me.

Nothing I bring as price for my sin,

Thy blood alone my redemption doth win;

This is my hope, none other I know,

Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

Jesus, my Saviour, to Thee I yield,

Henceforth to own Thee my Lord and my shield;

Keep me, oh! keep me, close to Thy side,

There shall I safely for ever abide,

Like to Sheep We Wandered


Like to sheep we wandered

On the downward road;

The Good Shepherd sought us,

Far, far from God.

Pardon now is free . . .

Free for you and me . . .

Hark! hark! the Saviour calls:

Come unto Me!

Once as Man of Sorrows,

He the Saviour came,

Came in tender pity,

Grace to proclaim.

Bruised for our transgressions,

He was crucified;

All God's righteous judgment

He satisfied.

Sinner, thou art needy,

Guilt has stained thy soul;

Jesus, only Jesus,

Can make thee whole.

Hear the voice of mercy

Calling tenderly,

'Tis the risen Saviour

Pleading with thee.

Lord, I am Thine: in Mercy Thou Hast Broken


Lord, I am Thine: in mercy Thou hast broken

The fetters strong that bound me to my sin;

Thy blood was shed—of love the mighty token—

From ways of death my guilty soul to win.

Lord, I am Thine: who saw no beauty in Thee,

But spurned Thy mercy with rebellious pride;

Saved by Thy grace, I lowly bow before Thee,

And in Thy love my soul is satisfied.

Lord, I am Thine: yet sinful, weak, and fearing,

I need Thy grace to keep me day by day,

Hold Thou my hand, and keep my feet from falling,

Then shall I tread with joy my pilgrim way.

Lord, I am Thine: though sorrows gather round me,

And death's dark shadow thwart my path is thrown;

Saviour divine, Thine outstretched hand upholds me;

And being Thine I shall not walk alone.

And soon shall shine the bright and cloudless morrow,

When blood-washed saints upon the stormless shore

Shall stand with Thee, beyond the reach of sorrow;

Their boast that they are Thine for evermore.

Lord, Thou Hast Sought, and with Blood Thou Hast Bought Me


Lord, Thou hast sought, and with blood Thou hast bought me,

Snapped are my fetters, the captive is free;

Out of my sins unto God Thou hast brought me:

Holy Redeemer, I sing unto Thee.

O Thou art worthy! O Thou art worthy!

O Thou art worthy! God's glorious Son;

Ever in heaven my glad heart shall praise Thee,

Ever remembering the work Thou hast done.

Great was the love, Lord, that brought Thee from glory,

Great the compassion that led Thee to die,

Great is the joy of Thy wondrous salvation,

Great is Thy glory, my Saviour, I cry.

Nought but Thy favour can please me,

O Saviour, Nought but Thy love can my soul satisfy;

O keep me near Thee, and ne'er let me grieve Thee,

Fill Thou my heart with Thy grace from on high.

O Lord, I Bring to Thee


O Lord, I bring to Thee

This sinful life of mine;

There is no rest for me

Save in Thy love divine:

WEARY I come to Thee,

For, Lord, Thou callest me.

I own to Thee my guilt,

No merit can I plead,

But Lord, Thou canst, Thou wilt,

Meet e'en my deepest need:

SINFUL I come to Thee,

Have mercy, Lord, on me.

Take Thou this ruined life,

I yield it up to Thee,

And change sin's bitter strife

For peace and liberty:

HELPLESS I come to Thee,

For Thou hast died for me.

Sinful and weak, I fear

To take my way alone,

Saviour, I look to Thee,

Exalted on the throne:

SRENGTHLESS, my strength from Thee

I'd draw. Thou lovest me.

Ransomed For Ever from Sin's Galling Chain

Ransomed for ever from sin's galling chain,

Raise we our anthems to Him who was slain;

Sing of His blood that can cleanse every stain,

Tell out His triumph—He liveth again.

Sinner, you may . . . trust Him today;

Once He was slain, but He liveth again,

Now you may trust Him . . . may trust Him today.

Thorns formed the crown that was placed on His head,

Hated and scorned, to the cross He was led,

There, for poor sinners, He willingly bled,

Oh! how He loved us—who died in our stead.

He bore sin's judgment—forsaken, alone,

Blessed Redeemer! the work He has done—

Tell out His triumph—God's glorious Son.

Vanquished the foe, and the victory won.

Trust Him this moment, the blessing receive,

Jesus the Saviour will never deceive;

Thee of thy burden He'll gladly relieve,

Ransomed for ever are all who believe.


O Lord, afresh our hearts awake,

To move along the way with Thee,

Which Thou of old for us did'st take—

Bearing Thy cross to Calvary .

We pass in thought without the gate

Of David's city, loved by Thee,

Which gave Thee for Thy love but hate,

And shame and scorn and enmity.

We see Thee there by men despised,

No crown but thorns awarded Thee;

With malefactors crucified,

Who mock Thy Name and piety.

Lover and friend stand off, afar,

Nor to the cross dare they approach;

While foes press round and eager are

Upon Thy Name to heap reproach.

We hear Thy broken cries ascend,

But in Thy need the heavens are dumb;

No angel to Thy aid can bend,

No succour from on high can come.

To Thee are meted pain and grief,

To Thee the bitter cup of woe,

The gloom of death without relief,

No light above, no help below.

But Thou wert there, the Substitute,

For our offences to atone,

To Thee our guilt did God impute,

And Thou did'st bear His wrath alone:

That we, forgiven and set free,

Redeemed by Thy most precious blood

From sin and all iniquity;

Might find our peace and joy in God.

'Twas love unbounded made Thee bear

For us that weight of wrath divine,

And that same love now makes us share

In all the favour that is Thine;

For risen again and glorified,

Us as Thy brethren Thou dost own,

By Thy one offering sanctified,

For ever we with Thee are one.

Saviour, Thy love by far exceeds

Our highest thought, our fullest praise;

Yet as the Holy Spirit leads,

To Thee our songs of joy we raise;

And in Thy changeless love we rest

Secure in holy unity;

Respond anew to Thy request,

And gratefully REMEMBER THEE.

Shine Forth, O Lord!


Shine forth, O Lord, Thou bright and morning Star!

Come, quickly come! Thy people waiting are,

To see Thy light dispel the deepening gloom,

Waiting the power that vanquishes the tomb.

Shine forth, O Lord, and drive away our fears,

Fulfil our hopes, and give us joy for tears;

Shout, shout the word that bids Thy dead arise,

And calls Thy saints to meet Thee in the skies.

Shine forth, O Lord, come soon for Thy redeemed,

For those on whom Thy tender love has beamed;

Thy pilgrim saints oft weary in the way

Cry out for Thee—Star of the coming day!

Shine forth, O Lord, by sorrow oft baptized,

We quit the world, and all things by it prized,

Shake ourselves free from every earthly care,

And onward press to meet Thee in the air.

Shine forth, O Lord, and claim Thy blood-bought bride,

Put forth Thy power and raise her to Thy side.

We wait the hour when our glad shout shall be

That death is swallowed up in victory.

Shine forth, O Lord, and bring to pass the day

When every clime shall own Thy rightful sway,

When all mankind before Thy throne shall fall,

And heaven and earth shall crown Thee Lord of all.

“That I may win Christ”

O let me live my life of witness here

With eyes uplifted and with eager soul;

And may no earth-born cloud or selfish fear

Intrude to hide from me the heavenly goal.

Shine bright before my soul,

O Christ, my heavenly goal.

Let things behind from mem'ry fade away,

Let no reluctance clog or cool my zeal.

For heart with constant courage girt I pray,

To press toward the mark, through woe or weal.

Shine bright before mine eyes,

O Lord, my heavenly prize.

The Servant's Prayer


God and Father, grant me power

When I speak to men,

Let the unction of the Spirit

Rest upon me then.

In the secret of Thy presence

Mould my thoughts and speech—

Only words the Spirit giveth

Can lost sinners reach.

Let the love that sought and saved me,

Pardoned all my sin,

Moved me now to live and labour,

Other souls to win.

May my ways with Christ be fragrant,

Grant me grace and zeal;

May the message that I carry

To myself be real.

From the fear of men that perish,

Saviour, keep me free,

Careless of their praise or censure,

Serving only Thee.

God and Father, bless the Gospel,

Both on land and sea,

And to Thee the power and glory

Shall for ever be.

“Thou art the Same”


Amid the restlessness of rolling years,

The changing seasons as they pass away,

We rest in Thee, and calmed are all our fears,

For well we know “Thou art the same” alway.

And through the gloom there shines a wondrous light,

Light of a love that glows with fervent flame;

'Tis this that cheers us in the earthly fight—

Jehovah-Jesus—evermore the same.

To cleave death's billows for Thy ransomed host,

Love girded Thee to breast their wrath, unmoved;

Today, for ever, it shall be our boast,

Strong as when in the past its might was proved.

O great and glorious Lord I of Thee we sing,

And tread with triumph in the living way.

O faithful Priest! Thou wilt not fail to bring

Thy people unto God's eternal day.

We are Watching for the Saviour


We are watching for the Saviour,

We are waiting for the day,

And His love, which passeth knowledge,

Shineth bright upon our way,

As we take our heavenly journey

To our Father's home above,

We are watching for the Saviour,

For the Saviour whom we love.

For the day . . . is drawing nigh

When we'll meet. . . Him in the sky.

And the glory of redemption

Our Redeemer will display;

We are watching for the Saviour,

We are waiting for the day.

On the earth He was rejected,

By the world was crucified;

But He gave Himself to save us,

And for us He bled and died;

And the day is quickly coming

When we'll see His face on high,

We shall see our Saviour coming,

We shall meet Him in the sky.

While we wait for Him we shelter

'Neath the shadow of His wing,

There we're safe from sore temptation,

And from every evil thing;

And we raise our songs of gladness

To His Name all praise above,

While we're waiting for the coming

Of the Saviour whom we love.

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