X. Closing Words

Michael Hardt

Fixing the eye on Christ glorified

Christians look - with the help of clear and reliable statements from God - with their "eyes of the heart" into the open heaven. There they see Christ and discover one glory after another. In any case, they are allowed to do so.

Is that not our experience? Rare food for us lately? If that is the case, then it may explain, at least in part, why we are sometimes so disturbed when things go wrong. Or also why we find it difficult to judge things on earth correctly and not see anything wrong in this or that - as long as it is not explicitly forbidden in the Bible. Perhaps we also find it difficult to assess our own condition correctly. Then we need "eye ointment" (Rev 3,18)).

Do we find heavenly Christianity difficult to practice, not purposeful or simply "dusty"? In reality, it is probably our Bibles which - in the practical sense - are dusty because we have neglected them. Then joy is quickly lost, as is the orientation and direction of our lives.

Many believers have had such phases in their lives. But that is no reason to get stuck in them - if we are only once ready to raise our eyes. There is much to discover. Christ has been received in glory, God has indeed given glory to Him, and we may discover: He is the victor, He has made the perfect sacrifice, He works for us as High Priest, He sanctifies Himself for us, He has received a glory that He will share with us, He is the Son of God who loves us, He is the morning star. That, and so much more to discover. We may grasp one glory after the other and draw from it new strength and orientation for our current life situation.

Let us think of Stephen. The view into heaven gives us strength and serenity in the most severe crisis. Let us also think of Moses (and 2 Corinthians 3 and 4): the gaze at the glorified Christ transforms.

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