II. Introduction

Michael Hardt

Fixing the eye on Christ glorified

As Christians, we stand "in the middle of life". We move on earth and face many down-to-earth issues and circumstances. We have relationships - in the family, in God's people and beyond -, we have tasks and responsibilities (school, studies, work, etc.), and all this in a world marked by increasing complexity and an ever-accelerating pace of change.

But given these circumstances, we want to stand our ground and live out our faith. We want to know the right way, do the right thing, and do it in the right attitude and with Christian joy - but how?

The answer seems startling. Most would assume that you would have to be very familiar with the world to live well on it, but the biblical answer is quite different: We can only live properly "down here" if we fix our eyes on the glorified Christ up there!

The best example of this is - as mentioned before - Stephen. He found himself in an extreme crisis. Accused by false witnesses, he stands before the Sanhedrim. But he gives a powerful testimony, looks death fearlessly in the eye and even prays for his enemies! He has power on earth because he looks up to the Man in heaven. 

This connection between the gaze into the open heavens and the power for the steps on earth can only be understood through the rest of the New Testament, especially the letters written by the Apostle Paul.

Over and over again, the curtain is pulled aside. Again and again we learn something about the glorified Christ and every time we notice that gazing at Him has a concrete impact on our steps, actions, thoughts and hearts.

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