The Second Epistle to the Thessalonians

Arend Remmers


  1. Recipients, Author and Time of Writing
  2. Subject and purpose of writing
  3. Peculiarities
  4. Contents (overview)

1.  Recipients, Author and Time of Writing

3 chapters


Author and Time of Writing

The second epistle to the Thessalonians begins with almost the same wording as the first epistle. Timothy and Silas/Silvanus who were the apostle's companions on his second missionary journey (51 to 54 AC) were with him now also. Paul refers to an earlier epistle (chap. 2:15). He reminds the Thessalonians of his habitual way of writing (chap. 3:17) and he mentions that he has received fresh news of some that walked among them (chap. 3:11). From these references one concludes that Paul wrote this second epistle after the first and probably still during his 18 month stay in Corinth in the year 52 AC (Acts 18:5-11).

While we find reminiscence of the second epistle with Polykarp (around 70