Russian Poem


Translation of

A hymn often sung by the Brethren in Russia

Composed by Daniel Otsing of Slobodskia, Russia c.1918

1 THOU Lord from the heavens wilt come

Our Deliverer- God's dear Son,

For thy Bride, to take her home

To the glory Thou hast won.

Oh Belov'd,-till shadows flee

Longing hearts wait earnestly.

2.    Thou hast left us - gone on high,

 On the Father's throne to wait;

 We, 'neath dark and stormy sky,

Toil with floods which ne'er abate.

 Oh Belov'd, - sustained by Thee,

 Longing hearts wait patiently


3.   Thou art faithful, and thy love

 Ne'er can fail Thy blood bought Bride;

In Thy Father's house above,

 With Thy self shall we abide,

Oh Belov'd, - thus cheered by Thee

 Longing hearts wait patiently.

4.   'Tis Thy precious promise, Lord:

 'I come quickly' us inspires.

 Sweet as honey is that Word

Telling of Thy heart's desires,

 Oh Belov'd, - we wait for Thee,

 Longing hearts Thy face would we see.

5.  Lord, t'wards Thee we turn our gaze,

 Soon in heav'n Thou'lt be revealed;

Then shall beam Thy glorious rays,

Never more to be concealed.

 Oh Belov'd, - that longed for hour

 Of Thy manifested power!

(translated from Russian but the last two lines of each verse are adapted)